Wednesday, February 14, 2018


"Urbanidad "  ,  a Spanish word which means courtesy, urbanity, civility, good manners.

The word brings back memories of  my  Lola (grandma in Filipino)  whose favorite expression was "diyosmio ang mga kabataan ngayon dapat turuan ng urbanidad"  whenever she was irritated.

Opened in June 2016 , Urbanidad Cafe has this manifesto posted in their wall :

"We believe in staking our reputation in everything we do.
We believe in serving high quality coffee, drinks and pastries 
just the way we do at home.
We believe our products to be of  high value  and prepare
them lovingly beyond mere marketing.
We also believe in slowing down, 
relishing life's simple pleasures ,
and thanking God for the bounty of this earth "

 We were served the following :

Cocoa, Chocolate Spread and Chocolate Chips 
in Classic Brownie

Espresso based drink using Arabica beans grown in the Philippines 
and topped with  heated milk.

I loved that the pasta was al dente. Malunggay pesto was quite delicious. I would love to replicate this at home. Im sure our piggery would love this. The addition of  tuyo gave the dish
its savory element and also added the richness and flavor of the sea.

Urbanidad's version is more chocolate than red food coloring. The cake
itself was moist. It had a pretty presentation and paired well with the  Latte.

Overall, Urbanidad's food was indeed homey. This would be a great place to hang out in for coffee and simple cakes and pastries if you are already in the area. There are no bells and whistles here, no gimmicks except maybe that latte with the cute cat art.

Somehow though I feel I just hit the tip of the iceberg with this one. I wouldnt mind returning when I find myself in Quezon City again

Urbanidad Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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