Thursday, February 8, 2018


Craving for  skewered meats? You will love Tori Tori Kushiyaki.

Discovered Tori Tori  some 6 months ago per the invitation of Zomato. Then as now,  their skewers are consistently good.

Tori - short for yakitori. Those delicious skewered meats that are so addicting.

Kushiyaki - japanese for "grilled on a stick".

Knocked ourselves out pigging on these :

Japanese Wagyu Kushiyaki: For P125 per stick you get 4 cubes of juicy, meaty , flavorful wagyu. 

Bacon enoki kushiyaki: Love bacon? Youll love their grilled version stuffed with mushrooms

Butabara Kushiyaki P45/stick : pork is flavorful, tender , juicy

Bacon Quail Egg Kushiyaki (P55 per stick) : delicious and sinful! 

Angus Belly Kushiyaki P60 /stick : Good but loved wagyu better

Chicken skin kushiyaki P35/stick : Oh wow! Steeled myself to just taste a small piece. So good!

Chicken thigh Kushiyaki P45/stick : pretty ordinary and a bit bland 😩

Cherry tomato kushiyaki : Perfect as palate cleanser to give your taste buds a brief respite from all those rich grilled meats

Eggplant kushiyaki : another guilt-assuager to silence your screaming and protesting inner health buff lol

Shitake mushroom kushiyaki : looks good but nothing to rave about

Shishamo Kushiyaki : Small fish with eggs inside in skewers. You have to squeeze calamansi on top to infuse flavor. Otherwise the fish tasted bland


AMBIANCE: Can be cramped if full. Reminiscent of the Japanese restaurants we visited in Tokyo and Osaka -- a bit on the small side and cozy

Parking: There is ample parking just across the building P60 two hours

Definitely coming back.

Tori Tori Kushiyaki Snack Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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