Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The #EffinHotGravy Challenge @Kenny Rogers Roasters

Hot just got hotter at all Kenny Rogers Roasters Branch.

Did not know what I was getting into when I said yes to a second invite from Kenny Rogers Roasters. It was February 12. Together with other invited foodie friends, we  met up at  Kenny Rogers   Ayala Mall on the 30th  branch.

I found out soon enough after an #EffinHotGravy Challenge by Miss Millet.  Each of us chose 2 cards from the deck with nary a peep what number we got.

Each pair of foodie will open their two cards upon the instruction of the host emcee. My friend  EJ  aka @ilovetoeatph and @johnbunag and I were the second pair.  We more or less knew what was in store for us after the first pair did their challenge.

Our friend Kevin aka @eatsasmallworld  got a 5 gravy card  and one froyo card . This means he has to dunk 5  mouthfuls of Kenny Rogers Roasters Chipotle Fire Chicken  on the #effinhotgravy  and eat them one after the other.  One mouthful froyo to douse the heat comes after the 5 gravy challenge had been met.

Lucky for our friend Kevin , his threshold for hot and spicy food is up there.  So he was just chill. Any outward manifestation that he felt the heat was non-existent which calmed my fears somewhat.

I got just one gravy card and two froyo card and so did my partner EJ. Yay!  Suffice to  say that just a taste of that #effinhotgravy made me reach for the regular-sized froyo almost immediately.  In the words of my son, I am "panis"

And to think I thought  Kenny Rogers' Chipotle Fire Chicken was already freakin fiery, enter Kenny Rogers Effin Hot Gravy.

So was it really hot?

For me it was. I still remember how comforting that cup of froyo was after the heat from the combination of that Chipotle Fire Chicken and that #EffinHotGravy. And to think it was just  one mouthful . Well not even. I cheated. I just took a tiny bit of the chicken with a smidgen of that #effinhotgravy and I still felt the freakin heat. I know Im weak hahaha

For  the poker-face Kevin though?   I dont think he even felt it. He did not miss a beat.

So was it really hot? Well I guess you have to answer that  yourself when you  take the #EffinHotGravy Challenge and discover your limits. Find out   how hot you can take it.

 Go to the nearest Kenny Rogers Roasters Branch now. Do not forget to share your experience and use the hashtag #EffinHotGravy

with @bettinabacani @ilovetoeatph @thefoodiestation @eatsasmallworld

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