Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Yes dear mommies and titas of Manila, there is a dampa-like restaurant called PALUTO inside All Day Supermarket and it does not cost an  arm and a leg to eat there.

As a mom of 4, I do my groceries every week on the dot.  When I do though ,  we  usually do it as a family. It  is very convenient therefore to have some place for the kids to hang out while having something to eat so I can have peace doing my grocery-ing.

If S&R have their pizza-chicken place, Rustan's its "gourmet-to-go" dining  area, SM its food court, All Day Supermarket has its PALUTO, Gastroville and Salad Counter.

Last Monday, I was fortunate to experience first hand how PALUTO works. Together with 9 other foodies we  went up the mezzanine floor where our freshly cooked food awaits.

PALUTO works like DAMPA. You can choose your fresh items from the SEAFOOD or MEAT Section of the supermarket and  surrender it to the open kitchen for cooking.

Last Monday, Miss Jessica, Miss Jen and Miss Gaia of Villar group chose our food for us.

We were served the following :

Deep Fried Liempo with light batter
The liempo was thinly sliced and dipped in light batter before deep frying.  It was flavorful and well seasoned. It paired well with the sinigang na salmon belly.

I love shrimps so my eyes lit up when I saw 3 plates of this hahaha. The sauce was sweet
from the fresh shrimp. They were succulent and delicious. It paired well
with the salty liempo

The salmon belly were so fat and the broth delicious. We can not help
but wax poetry over its sour scrumptiousness

This is  my least favorite among all dishes served. It was pretty ordinary
and  the pork parts a little chewy for my taste. Other than the texture though, the 
sauce was good.

Overall, I love discovering how nice it was in All Day Supermarket. My family used to do our shopping here when it was still Shopwise.

It is apparent that the Villar group exhausted all means and  ideas to  make sure whatever we need is provided by the supermarket.

I love the inclusion of  Paluto. Im amazed at how cheap it was to eat here.

Average of P300 per er person for a meal that consists of 2 meat based viands , 2 seafood plus rice, is not bad at all

Paluto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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