Sunday, February 4, 2018

BAKE Cheese Tart from Hokkaido

That simple black and yellow store beckoned with the smell of freshly baked cheese tart. Prior to this Rockwell experience, I have already succumbed to the hype and aroma of these  cheese-mousse-filled-double-baked-crust  pastry in their Podium mall branch

I knew that when it comes to fresh-from-the oven goodies made from Japan, Im in for a  real foodgasmic adventure. My only regret was while there in the Land of the Rising Sun last year,  we failed to hear the buzz about this golden treats and therefore missed the opportunity to taste it where it originated.

I was so enamored of this miniscule cheese wonder ,I had to do some research on my own.  Thanks to Google , I found out the following.


1.Apparently, it started out as a chilled blueberry cheese tart in Japan.

2.. The owner of  BAKE  is the family of  MR. Shintaro Naganuma 30 the CEO of Kinotoya  , a western confectionary company  in Sapporo that his family runs.

3. Mr. Naganuma (CEO) grew up enjoying his father's chilled blueberry cheese tarts in the family store.

4.The chilled blueberry cheese tart evolved into warm cheese tart as  a result of creativity and good improvisation on the part of Mr Naganuma while in a Hokkaido Fair in Meidya Singapore in 2011. They ran out of  boxes for the chilled blueberry cheese tarts and had to make do with serving the tarts in  metal trays. It became an instant hit.

5. As soon as Mr. Naganuma went home to Hokkaido,  he set about doing further innovations. He reduced the size of the tarts so they can be eaten easily and removed the blueberry topping.

6. In 2014  BAKE establish its first branch in TOKYO because of the huge demand for this golden treats.  The rest is history.

7. Currently in the Philippines,  there is a branch in Podium Mall and this branch in Rockwell.

P95 seems like a steep price to pay for a small cheese tart even if its from Japan but once you get a bite everthing will be clear.  The crust is double baked  and tasted like shortbread cookies The filling is fluffy cheese mousse that is at once silky and cheesy with hint of tartness.


This is one beautiful cheese tart worth its price . Definitely a new family favorite.

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