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Ha-inan Take Out and Delivery

"We chose Ha-inan (as the name for the restaurant) because of its double meaning. It can be a verb and a noun. For the noun, it is synonymous to "handaan" (feast) and we want to always be present when there's a celebration. For the verb, it's like serving or setting up the table so in a way it's like preparing food for people, offering it to them . The hyphen is just there to serve as guidance in pronunciation otherwise, people might think we're a Chinese restaurant serving Hai Nan ( Chinese Province) food .... "       

                                                                                                                    --- Beatrice Que

It was a delightful surprise to receive an email invitation from Ha-inan Take Out and Delivery because it was within walking distance from where I live.  My first thought actually was  Yay another delivery option for us.

For a  mom of 4 who wears so many hats ie Inday,  chef, CFO, guidance counselor, dishwasher, cook,  housekeeper, baker, cake artist, blogger, foodie, etc , there are  days you just want to take a break from your kitchen duties.  I know most mommies out there going the yaya-less way can relate or commiserate hehehe

Last Tuesday, Ha-inan Delivery and Take Out sent us  the following meals to try from their delivery service :

Crispy Dinuguuan (3-5 persons ) P250
The dinuguan was delicious. There were no innards.  I tasted mostly crispy liempo. Yes it can feed 3-5 persons when in tandem with other dishes.

Empanaditas  ( 6 pcs P10 per pc,)

There were 3 variants : Beef Taco (red dot), Creamy chicken (yellow dot) and ham and cheese (green dot).  They were all good but my favorite was the creamy chicken. I found the beef taco  a teeny bit on the salty side. Overall for a price tag of only P10 each, this was a steal

Sisig (3-5 persons) P170

What is it about sisig that is so popular?  You can guess which among the meals delivered was a hit  to our piggery almost immediately. But although sisig is a popular dish, it is one that can easily be critiqued if you know what I mean. After all  every Pinoy  including our piggery and the handsome hubby think they know what a perfect sisig should  taste like and woe to the restaurant who does not  meet the criteria.

Fortunately for Ha-inan,  the boys loved their sisig. It was crispy. It was flavorful. It had just the right amount  of saltiness so no need for any seasoning. Plus it was just the right price considering the serving.  Again  I agree that it can feed 3-5 people assuming there are other food ordered.

Spaghetti (3-5 persons)P350

Ha-inan's spaghetti is reminiscent of the spaghetti I loved to eat at Ka Banang's in old La Huerta in Paranaque where I grew up. Like Ka Banang's, it was sweet. There were hot dogs. The pasta was soggy.  The sauce seeped right through the pasta itself. It was filling and it evoked happy memories of childhood. This is my comfort food.

When delivered, the spaghetti was encased in aluminum covered in cling wrap inside a  hexagonal brown cardboard box.

Pansit Malabon (single P70)
Ha-inan's pansit malabon was delicious. There were crunchy liempo and shrimps. I loved the orange sauce,  I could have finished the whole box . So good.

Chickern barbecue P79 per stick
Each stick holds 3 small sizes of chicken. Imagine Aristocrat but smaller, Mind you Aristocrat's 3 pc chicken is more than P200 per order

Im not a breast person normally because I find them dry most of the time. Ha-inan's chicken breast barbecue though converted me. Their breast  was moist and scrumptious. For P79 pesos per stick, the serving was more than generous.

Rice P15 per order
It was freshly cooked. It was not the reheated kind that we usually get when we have food delivered.

Delivery : Prompt and cheerful

Summary :

All in all it was a satisfactory experience.  "Lutong-Bahay " is the word that comes to mind..  This mom is replete.  Nice to know that I have an alternative apart from the usual fast food we order from.

See menu below

Ha-inan Delivery and Take Out
488th Barangka Drive cor. Camiguin St
Barangay Malamig Mandaluyong

For Delivery :  


Ha-inan Delivery & Takeout Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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