Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Elias is the second and last stop to our lunch meet up a few weeks back  courtesy of Florabel Group and  the invite of @eatsearliiiibirdmnl and @seemslegeat.
Together with 9 other foodies, we enjoyed the following :

EMILIO P395 - Beef Morcon cooked in classic homemade tomato sauce with sausage, vegetables and eggs.. The meat needs a little more time simmering to make it fork tender.

BISTEK PELAEZ P850 - US Angus beef steak tagalog with soy calamansi sauce and sauteed onion rings. The beef were tender. The sauce was a perfect blend of salty and tangy. I loved the onions. This dish can feed 2-3 people.

KAPITAN TIAGO P295 - Chicken inasal with inihaw na atay. The chicken was a bit dry. Im not a fan of chicken liver

MADRID P165 - Choco Mani Pie. I loved this chocnut dessert. The mouse was creamy and sinful. Ill order this again

CRAZY SISA P245- Crispy Hito Flakes with green salad. One of my favorites! The hito flakes were reminiscent   of okoy but thinner and more delicate.

KARE KARE NG KURA P550 - Stewed oxtail and ox tripe made with native vegetables and shrimp paste. The oxtail and tripe were melt in your mouth. The kare kare sauce tasted home made and delicious just like how my mom and late mother in law used to make theirs. I highly recommend this dish. It is worth every peso in its price tag

CERVANTES P385 - Another winner in my book. I just loved this pansit. I think I can finish one order in one sitting when I want to binge. But this can feed 2-3 people

PACITA P375 - Pinaputok na pla pla stuffed with onions, tomatoes and green peppers. The pla pla was fresh and meaty. An all in one dish, it was like eating salad with your fish.

SINIGANG NI EVA P 645 - Sinigang  pompano with watermelon and native vegetables. The pakwan cubes were a surprise. It lent a sweet fruity taste to the traditional sour broth. Its red hue against the verdant green of the vegetables brightened up the dish

LENGUA LARUJA P495 - The lengua were all so tender. The gravy-like sauce was scrumptious

PAELLA FILIPINO P450 - hurray for the soccarat (aka tutong).. Those inihaw na liempo lent a local flair to an otherwise traiditional Spanish paella

DON RAFAEL P695 - deep fried pork leg with atchara and soy vinegar. The best crispy pata yet ! The skin was thin and crispy. The meat was tasty and fork tender. Delicious!
LUMPIANG HUBAD P295 - It was an ok dish. Your regular lumpiang hubad, There were no surprises here.


All in all , there were more hits than misses. The food was generally good and can be shared. My favorites were the kare kare, krispy pata, sinigang sa pakwan and choco mani pie aka chocnut mousse.
Will I be returning anytime soon ? Most definitely! ..... with the piggery and the balikbayan mother in tow :)

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