Sunday, January 21, 2018

Bueno means good

It is such a joy discovering new restaurants in the metro. specially if its Spanish cuisine.

Last Friday, thanks to Zomato's invitation, I found myself in the  Grove Rockwell in a restaurant called Bueno Tapas Wine and Bar.

Bueno literally translated means "good".  It fits the restaurant to a T. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Let me describe the food that were served to us foodies last Friday via the personal touch of  Chef Kennedy Alfonso

Otras Al  Horno ( Oyster Rockefeller ) P485
Oysters were fresh and succulent underneath the cheese-spinach combo

Paella de Marisco Y Pollo (Shellfish and Chicken Paella )  P540
I loved the soccarat (tutong) underneath. That's what I always look for in paella

Arroz  Melojo de Raabo de Buey (Creamy Risotto in oxtail ) P590
This one was a favorite among all other favorites that Bueno served  that day. The  risotto was creamy. The oxtail was melt-in-your-mouth.  I would highly recommend this dish

Estofado de Res ( 8 hour Spanish Braised Beef ) P420
Another melt in your mouth dish. The brisket was oh-so tender. Cups of rice please

Truffled Mushroom Linguine P340
I love truffle and I love mushroom. The pasta was al dente. The sauce was heaven on my palate.

Chicharron P420

The crunchy sinfulness of the pork belly was  spot on. I can eat this all day.

Croquettas de Queso Y Pimiento (Cheese pimiento croquette ) P240

A delicious starter. I so love the bechamel inside those small balls of goodness

Croquetas de Gambas  (prawn croquette)  P390
I can taste the prawns underneath all that batter. They were still surprisingly succulent and delicious

Croquettas de Calamares (squid croquette ) P260
Another winner in my book. I will order this again

Summary :

The metro  has at least a dozen Spanish restaurants and plenty more are sprouting as we speak.  Most of them are international franchises brought here from Singapore, Malaysia or Spain itself.

What distinguishes the new restaurant Bueno from all of them is it is home grown under the leadership of Chef Ken Alfonso (part owner) . The food is at par with other international Spanish restaurants but  friendlier on the pocket.

Seems like all dishes Ive tasted were all my favorites.  The food were delicious and so reasonably-priced, I dont mind going all the way to The Grove in Rockwell just to taste Bueno's food again.

Bueno is indeed synonymous with good food

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