Saturday, November 25, 2017

Amazing Creations @Gelatofix

A delightful surprise to discover great finds in a restaurant with such a simple name. When I first received an  an invitation for a foodie  meet up at Gelatofix, I assumed that  it was  just another  Gelato place .   In fairness , it was more than your ordinary Italian dessert place.

Check out these gelato sushis engineered by Italian World Cup Ice Cream Champion in 2012, Chef 
Filippo Novelli .

Gelatofix Lifestyle Cafe  is  not only an extraordinary dessert place with unique  and creative gelato and sweets that discerning  foodies will  fall in love with. It is also home to  scrumptious and savory items that will excite the taste buds but  will not break the bank.

Note the following dishes and their  prices :

Big Bird P295 
Chicken was boneless. Meat was moist and juicy. Chicken skin was crisp and golden brown. When dipped in a combination of gravy and honey as per the suggestion of owner Mr. Von Lacorte, the result is ambrosia. Step up your game Kettle restaurant,  Gelatofix' Big Bird offers some stiff competition.

Italian Beef Stew P455
Beef were fork tender. Tomato gravy was rich and flavorful so unlike the sweet beef stew Im accustomed to but nonetheless delicious. It tasted like Christmas because it is reminiscent of the morcon sauce my mom used to make during the holidays.  Yum!

Risotto Al Fungi P325 
Mushroom and risotto. Two of my favorite words among many in the culinary dictionary. Gelatofix executed it oh so nicely. The risotto was creamy and delightful. The mushrooms were earthy.  The price is so reasonable. The portion was more than generous. I love this dish and our piggery who are risoto-crazy will love this as well. Nomnomnom

Spaghetti Prawn Apricot P325
An intriguing combination of fruity and savory. The pasta was al dente. The prawns were perfectly cooked and succulent

Spaghetti Carbonara P275
The pasta was again  al dente. The carbonara was made from scratch which I liked. It was simple and delicious.

Quattro formaggio P305
The crust was thin and  freshly made.  It was not your regularly shaped pizza. I'm a cheese fiend so this was an instant favorite.

Mango Lato Magic Box P450

A mean dessert concocted by Gelatofix Master Chef  David Chang using   no less than (hold your breath ) the  Italian King Of  Chocolate-Italian Champion of Cioccolateria 2009/2010- Ice Cream World Champion-Masterchef  Ernst Friedrich Knam's  cioccolato.

Yes this dessert was created by the best of the best.  I will not go into details.  Best not to tell and spoil the surprise. You have to find out for yourself.

Croque Madame P275

Must be the cheese used and the freshly baked bread or might be the italian ham or the egg. Whatever it is the combination of all the ingredients made for some outstanding croque madame! The price is not bad either

Summary :

World class cafe. Gelato creations  by internationally acclaimed chef.   Scrumptious Italian dishes. Posh ambiance.

Surely price will be exorbitant here and will be justified.  To my surprise though, Gelatofix price are very competitive. Wow!

Just added Gelatofix in my list of new favorite restaurants to bring the piggery to.

PS. Promo Alert  !!  Heads up BGC people. See Gelatofix promo below :)

BGC Corporate Center
30th corner 11th Street
BGC Taguig City

Gelatofix Lifestyle Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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