Sunday, November 12, 2017


It was not our first time in Akira. Obviously we enjoyed our first visit prior, so on this important day we decided to revisit this restaurant during lunch. It was my late mother-in-law's birth anniversary  and every year since her passing , we commemorate  and honor her by celebrating  this date   with the father-in-law  and  the hubby's sib and family over lunch or dinner.

Akira is located in  Level 5 of Shangrila Mall Plaza near Wicked ( a dessert place). We ordered the following :

Grilled Salmon  or Teppan Salmon
Bento P598

The bento box looked  huge and impressive.. It had slices of salmon and tuna, grilled salmon, rice, green salad, karaage, 3 kinds of appetizers and fruits for dessert.  This can actually be shared by two ladies with modest appetite. I loved it.  Will order this again

Akira California  Roll P268

The roll was good. Just your average California Roll.

Chicken Teriyaki  P288
This dish was good, nothing to rave about. But it was satisfying for its price

Ahi Poke Salad P318

I loved the crunchiness of the greens and the spiciness that the dressing and tuna brought in.

Soft Shell Crab Okonomiyaki P350 

This was one good okonomiyaki. The play of textures was delightful. You have the crunchiness of the soft shell crab and the softness of the okonomiyaki.  The portion was generous and can be shared by 3-4 people. I shall order this next  time.

Tempura P418 . 

The ebi tempura were crunchy. The prawn inside were a good size. The batter was just right.

Rib eye Teppan P708  

I will never order this again. First it took forever for them to serve a medium rare rib eye. Second the portions were too paltry for its hefty price of P708. Third .the rib eye were over cooked. Fourth , the whole dish was way too salty.  The only redeeming factor  in this dish were the two prawns. They were succulent and cooked perfectly

Tuna Sashimi  P278

Serving size was ok. Tuna was fresh

Verdict :

There were hits and misses.  We were all impressed by the bento which we will definitely order again. The sushis  and sashimis were generally ok.

I ordered the teppan because I know Akira to be a teppan place.  The teppan rib eye I ordered however was not worth its hefty price tag. Moreover, it took forever for them to serve it.

We were a huge group of 13 adults and 1 toddler.  We averaged about P800 per head with a couple of mango shakes.

Will I be back ? I dont know. Seems to me  the quality of service and food deteriorated a bit since our last visit a year ago.

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