Friday, October 20, 2017

Zhu Kitchen

You learn something new everyday in the foodie world.  Last Wednesday while dining with foodie friends at Zhu, we learned from Chef Karl that Zhu was not a Chinese word but the name of his grandma.  So nice to know that the restaurant was conceptualize as homage to Chef's lola.

That night we enjoyed a lot of dishes. But what stood out for me were the following :

Beef Curry
You can feel the love and care it took to prepare this dish. The beef morsels although tender retained its shape and was not mushy. The tendons  were gelatinous and sinful.  The curry sauce was rich and delicious. The  potatoes and carrots absorbed the curry sauce and were scrumptious as well.

Hainanese  Chicken

The serving was generous. The chicken breast were moist and tender. The ginger sauce was to die for.

Coffee Spare ribs
I tasted the coffee and the caramelized soy and sugar. The spare ribs were succulent and tender. This dish is best eaten with cups of rice. Yum!


It was your regular chopsuey dish with crunchy vegetables. No surprises here.

Summary :

All in all it was an enjoyable dinner with friends. It was my first time in Zhu and I found the food good in general. The coffee spare ribs though were exceptional. The price of the meals here are surprisingly reasonable considering its location.  Chef  Gervin Karl Kaw  was warm, spontaneous and generous with his stories about Zhu Kitchen.

Definitely deserves another visit with  the piggery in tow.

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