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When Ojie Met Ogie @ RYU Ramen & Curry

Flat lay by @Ilovetoeatph

I have to be honest.  It was Ogie Alcasid's name in the invite for foodie meet up that had me excited to attend initially. Then the interest  doubled  when I learned that it was a Japanese-themed restaurant.

Ryu literally translated means dragon. Apparently Ryu Ramen and Curry  just celebrated its 5th anniversary last August this year. Its pilot branch was the one located in Tomas Morato Avenue Quezon City, This Jazz branch though is 3 years old.

So off I went to Jazz mall yesterday for a late lunch looking forward to meeting my idol in the flesh . I was not disappointed.   The gracious Mr. Alcasid was there to welcome us and introduce us to  the meals  both regular and new,  the restaurant is  currently serving.

What Pigoutsundays loved :

Tantanmen P360
Spicy miso based broth with ground pork, soft boiled egg, nagi, garlic oil , 
two slices of chashu pork topped with spring onion

Our piggery would love this. The noodles are al dente. The broth is rich, delicious and spicy just the way they like it. The chashu pork were tender. I can already visualize the piggery slurping away when I bring them here.

Shio Ramen P390

This bowl of ramen looked pale and bland beside its more vibrant Tantanmen sister. But this Shio Ramen is nonetheless at par when it comes to flavor. This ramen is perfect for those who do not like anything spicy and would just like to savor the richness of the broth. The noodles again were perfectly al dente and the  chashu pork slices tender almost melt in your mouth

Yakibuta P380
Miso based spicy ramen flavor of tender pork ribs 
topped with sauteed mixed vegetables and sesame seeds

I loved that the miso broth was hearthy  with flavor. I loved the tender pork ribs and the mixed vegetables

Pork Gyoza  P140  

- You have a choice of pork or chicken and shrimp. The gyoza looked fat and succulent.. I loved that it was delicious as well. You can pan fried P140 or deep fried P160.

Katsu Curry P310

This can be easily a favorite of our piggery.The generous portion of katsu and curry are plus points. 

Hamburg Steak Curry

This is hamburger steak , Japanese curry style. The burgers were moist and flavorful. When smothered with curry ... ambrosia!

Ebi tempura 3 pcs P260 6 pcs P470

The ebi tempura were huge. It was a joy that they were lightly battered and the prawns inside larger than usual.  I loved the crunch. The dipping sauce was as it should be

Summary :

All in all  I enjoyed my first time  at RYU .  I was definitely starstruck because of  my idol Mr. Ogie  Alcasid whose  songs speak to the heart but I was   wonderfully suprised as well  that the food was good, the portions generous and the price for each dish pocket friendly.   

By the way for all curry lovers out there. Win 6 months supply of curry by joining Ryu's "Curry in a Hurry" contest.  Be the fastest curry eater and you get to eat curry everyday for free for 6 months at Ryu Ramen and Curry. Contest is up to October 31 only. Check out their website for details.

When Ojie met Ogie :)

Foodies with Mr. Ogie Alcasid :)

Thank you @alwayshungryph for the invite and  Mr. Alcasid for having us.

RYU Ramen & Curry
SM Jazz mall, Nicanor Garcia Corner
Jupiter Street, Bel Air Makati
10 am to 10 pm

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