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Foodgasmic Adventure @ Waterside Restobar Solaire

It was Monday and  a group of foodie friends and I decided to check out the food at  Waterside at Solaire . Ive been hearing a lot of good things about Waterside from friends  ie how posh the ambiance was but how suprisingly reasonable the prices of the food were.

So off we started   with our foodgasmic adventure ....


Jamon Iberico de Cebo 
50 g P400
100grams P780

Good starter to prepare  my palate for the next courses. I loved how flavorful and sinful it was. I enjoyed the fat olives as well. Perfect to pair with red wine.

STUFFED BABY SQUID with Smokey Marinara P280

I loved the crunch of the tentacles. I was not a fan of the stuffed squid though

King Fish Ceviche P270
Made with house made Leche de Tigre, Mexican lime, sliced red onions  and coriander. 
I tasted  the freshness of the king fish, the acidity brought about by the Leche de tigre and mexican lime. I liked the crunch and smokiness of the charred corn. 

Tuna Tiradito P300
While in ceviche the fish is marinated over a few hours before serving therefore "cooking" the fish in the acid, in tiradito the fish  is  only marinated upon serving thus the fish is still "fresh" .  I tasted the freshness of the tuna, the soy calamansi, chili, pickled shimeji, mushrooms and red onion in this dish

Crispy Shrimp Taco P250
The vibrant purple from the shallots, , red from the salsa  and yellow  from the turmeric tortilla were  pleasing to the eye.   The shrimp was indeed crispy.  One bite was an explosion of textures and flavors.

If I heard the chef correctly, they used flour instead of potatoes for their croquettes. I loved the whole ensemble.  But I think it would have been better if they used potato instead.


Paella Valenciana 
P900 regular P1750 Large

I was looking for the socarrat ( aka tutong),scraping the bottom of the pan for it. I found some on the sides but would have wanted more all over . I loved the color  of the paella. The flavor and the texture of the rice was spot on. The prawns on top though were a bit overcooked.

 Seafood Lover P3600

Blackened Salmon, chimichurri, King fish, Grilled prawn, 
green lip mussel, fried baby Squid
Those who love deep fried food will love this.  The portion was more than generous. One order can feed 8-10 people

Tomahawk   1.3 kg P6800
The piece de resistance and the highlight of our dinner. It comes with sides and can fee 8-10 people. Order it medium rare. It was tender and juicy


Tres Leche Cake P190
Three milk cake, caramelized hazelnuts and strawberries. The cake was moist and delicious, The strawberry garnish brightened up its presentation. The macadamia nuts provided some contrast in texture

Dulce de leche P190
praline and white chocolate
It was just ok for me . There is something missing. It was one dimensional.
All I can taste is saccharine sweetness.

Waterside Baked Alaska
The flambe presentation was impressive. Inside the baked alaska was mango sorbet. The play of sour and sweetness as well as crunchy and creamy was a joy

Churros & Chocolate P190
cinnamon sugar and warm chocolate sauce
The chocolate sauce was delicious. The churros however were too thick and dense for me.


Agua Fresca de Pina P220
pineapple juice, lemon juice, cherry blossom, pomegranate, agua

Agua Fresca de Pipino P220
cucumber, lychee. lemon juice agua

Agua Fresca de Manzana P220
apple juice, orgeat, lemon juice and Agua

Agua Fresca are non-alcoholic drinks that are popular in Mexico and other Latin american countries. My favorite among the three above is   Agua Fresca de Manzana. It was so refreshing!

PS . Love that little wicker chair they provide for  the ladies' bags . Thank you Waterside Solaire :)

Summary :

All in all it was a night to remember  .  The food  was good. The prices were not that exorbitant relative to the other hotel restaurants , the ambiance a dream and the service topnotch.

I highly recommend dining here  with your family or significant other on special days or to celebrate milestones.

Definitely  coming back with the piggery in tow.

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