Saturday, October 14, 2017

Watami MOA

Last week,  we hied off to Watami Moa for some sushi and skewer food trip.

What Pigoutsuundays loved :
Volcano Roll P295

That salmon sashimi with caviar and special sauce carried the dish for me. Just one look at the beautiful presentation and my will is zapped. I can not resist indulging.

Angel Roll P375
I loved the tempura and the lettuce. The strip of kani on top was a nice spot of color

King Dragon Roll P375
Anything with salmon is my favorite. The sushi rice was moist and chewy. That sauce was to die for. The orange roe on top with the contrast of  chopped spring onion was  pretty to behold.

Ebi Dynamite Roll P375

I loved the bit of kick when you take a mouthful of sushi. There is no other way to eat it but to open your mouth wide and luxuriate in all the flavors that meld together to form one sublime experience.

Assorted Chicken Skewers P295
Chicken wings, chicken liver, chicken balls,  chicken thigh

The chicken balls stood out for me. I was surprised it was moist and juicy. Im not a fan of chicken liver so.... The wings were succulent considering it was grilled so that was good.

Assorted Creative Skewers P325

Yakult Orange Drink P150
A new exciting drink for me. Initially I can not imagine how the combination of  Yakult and orange would taste. But Im game at trying anything first time. Im glad I did. I now have a new favorite drink to order.

Milky Green Tea P165

I liked it. It was refreshing. Thought it was avocado at first hahaha

Mango Snow Mountain P165
It looked festive and bright. It was just ok. The shaved ice could be finer just like the Korean Bingsu dessert. Perhaps more mango?

Matcha Tiramisu
Another new discovery. Definitely ordering this again. This was creamy and delicious.

Summary :

All in all the sushis are generally good.  The skewers are ok. There are a lot of options for drinks. The service is top notch.

Will I come back here again? Most definitely. There are still a lot of items in the menu I would like to try  with the family.

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