Thursday, October 26, 2017

Comfort Food @ Prime Cafe in B Hotel Alabang

Met up with foodie friends down south for a sponsored lunch  at Prime Cafe in Bhotel Alabang. Having experienced B hotel in Quezon City, I knew we were all in for a treat.

Prime Cafe is just left of the entrance as you  go into the lobby. It is not enclosed .  A dark wood divider with  Prime Cafe in 3D silver is the understated welcome you get as you  enter the restaurant. The vibe is relaxed, casual , minimalist , straightforward and no-nonsense albeit elegant. It was a restaurant you can visualize businessmen  would gravitate in ie no frills.

What Pigoutsundays loved :

Roasted Pumpkin soup with Garlic foccaccia P150

The soup was clearly made from scratch.  The color was a rich pumpkin yellow. It had a dollop of cream on top. The broth was thick, creamy, silky and full of pumpkin goodness. I can almost visualize Vitamin A nourishing my body with each mouthful. The bread was garlicky and obviously freshly baked. It was delicious. I almost requested for seconds but then there were still 6 courses on the menu that were waiting to be tasted.

Katsudon P300

I am very particular about Japanese rice when it comes to Japanese food.  Prime cafe's bowl of katsudon came with  sticky Japanese rice which I liked very much. The katsudon was rosu or pork with fat which made it juicy and tender. 

Gyudon Donburi P350

I loved that the sauce was sweet but not overly so. The beef were tender. Japanese rice was A-ok.

Seafood Gambero Tagliatelle P300

The Tagliatelle was al dente. The tomato sauce was scrumptious. The mussels were succulent and flavorful. This was one good pasta

Crispy Pork Belly P290

The crackling was crunchy. The fat on each slice was sinful and flavorful. I loved the zucchini, eggplant and roasted red bell pepper on the side. The liver sauce perfectly complimented the protein. But im glad they included the vinegar as well. It cut through the richness of the  pork belly just so.

Prime Rib Eye P1100

Clearly, B hotel consistently grill absolutely divine steaks. Just  like its sister in QC, the steak here was cooked perfectly medium rare and were juicy , beautifully marbled and  seasoned well. The mash potatoes were silky and tasty. Their  gravy was chunky and delicious with slivers of fat and plump shitake

Pork Sisig P220

Presentation wise it looked like your regular sisig in  cast iron sizzling plate. It was crunchy though and rich.  You definitelyl need to order cups of rice for this.

Belgian Chocolate cake
P150 per slice P1200 whole

A perfect sweet ending to what felt like  home cooked comfort food spread. Per  Pastry Chef Andrea Urcia, the cake was dark  chocolate chiffon, filled and frosted with milk  chocolate ganache and dark chocolate sprinkles. The chocolate used was obviously of high quality. Im not normally a fan of chiffon cake. I like my cake dense and deep in flavor. But Chef Andrea's deep dark chocolate chiffon cake may have just converted  me. I can not wait to replicate it at home.\

What Pigoutsundays loved less :

Beef Salpicao

When I cook beef salpicao at home, I  have the supermarket cut my order of tenderloin in salpicao cubes. Prime Cafe's Beef  Salpicao looked and tasted like beef steak tagalog.  Im not sure but I think they used sirloin slices instead of  tenderloin for this dish. It only lacked slices of onions to complete the picture. Moreover it was too salty.

Juices P180 per order

This was too expensive for a concentrate drink. I would have thought that for that price, they can serve fresh juices. After all mangoes for example are available all year round.

Summary :

Considering that it was a hotel establishment,  I am surprised that Prime Cafe's food was not exorbitantly priced except for its juices.

I would highly recommend ordering their pumpkin soup and bread. That alone is enough for my lunch requirements. I can order that everyday. For those who need more substantial food in their stomach, you can not go wrong with an order of their rib eye.  Clearly after having experienced  both their QC and Alabang branch, steak is one of  their specialties.

If their belgian chocolate cake is any indication, dessert is another course that I will highly recommend. I have tried their red velvet cake as well in their QC branch and it was quite good too. Note that their belgian chocolate cake is only P1,200 .

Prime Cafe B Hotel
Ground Floor B Hotel
2107 Prime Street
Madrigal Business Park
Ayala Alabang Muntinlupa
Open from 6 am to 10 pm
 02 2469072

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