Sunday, October 15, 2017

Paradise Dynasty

Met up with UP brods , wives and sorority sisters last Sunday to welcome our visiting fraternity brod from Houston

It was our first time in the restaurant and we were impressed how new and posh it looked. A pity though the servers really dont know the details of the origin of the restaurant.

At any rate, we reserved their function room which came with a minimum consumable amount. We had our much needed privacy and our own server.

We ordered closed to 10 dishes but  what stood out as expected were their Xiao Long Bao.


In Paradise Dynasty, they have elevated the making of  Xiao Long Bao into an art. In fact they enumerated  the distinct features that should be present in a perfect xiao long bao in their menu. These are

25 grams per piece
Immensely filled with broth
Delicate 18 folds
Intricately thin skin
Springy Feature
Non-oily delightful  clear broth

Choose from two variants : a) The Signature Original  Xiao Long Bao or b) Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao

Specialty Dynasty Xia Long Bao 8 Flavors P388

Per our server, there is a correct way of eating the 8 flavors above. We start with tthe classic , followed by Ginseng (green), Foie Gras (beige), black truffle , Cheese (yellow),  Crab Roe (orange),  Garlic (gray) and Sze Chuan (red).

The presentation was really simple and colorful. It reminded me of  an artist's  palette.  It was a delight just to take pictures of it which was a good thing really to give time for the xiao long bao to cool down a bit. You would not want to scald yourself with boiling hot broth do you?

I tried the Foie Gras first . I picked it up with my chopstick and deposited in my spoon  not daring to breathe for fear of  breaking that beautiful skin with 18 folds. Yes I counted it hahaha. Fascinating how thin and delicate it was yet how strong to carry that  boiling hot broth.

Confident that it was cool enough to eat, I took the whole thing in my mouth and let the skin burst  inside. Hmmm yum yum yum.  The broth was delicious . What a beautiful explosion of flavors . I did not taste a hint of the foie gras though

Tried the other flavors too except  the cheese and sze chuan which I missed. Like the foie gras, the ginseng, garlic, crab roe, black truffle were very subtly and delicately flavored they all tasted the same after a while.

Signature Original  Xiao Long Bao
6 pcs P188 10 pcs p198

There is no doubt that the specialty of the house, their Xiao Long bao is superb and is priced reasonably.

Service was alert and cheerful

Ambiance is posh  and luxurious. Everything is new.

Definitely coming back to discover more dishes in their menu

Paradise Dynasty is at the 2nd floor of  S'Maison Conrad  Seaside Boulvard Corner Coral Way Mall of Asia Complex , Pasay City. They open at 11 am

Paradise Dynasty Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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