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Chef Dario Gardini of Caruso opens his own Italian Resto

Remember Balducci in Serendra Bgc? That is where you will find Dario Ristorante Italiano, a new venture of  former Ilocos Governor Chavit Singson and  Chef Dario Gardini of the Caruso Ristorante Italiano (Reposo Makati)  fame. So conveniently located just across Sonia's Cupcakes, you will not get lost on your way here.

"Dario" so named after its Chef-owner , just opened last February this year. Chef-owner Dario  is an Italian who speaks Tagalog fluently because he is married to a Filipina and had lived in our tropical paradise for 25 years and counting.

Last Monday together with other foodie friends , we were invited to a sumptuous lunch hosted by Chef Dario.  We enjoyed the following dishes ...

Flatlay by @ilovetoeatph 


Affettati Italiani Assortiti con Sotta Ceti P1360
Assorted Italian Cold Cuts (good for 2 persons )

Best paired with red wine, the cold cuts, olives and artichokes were a great starter. It prepares one's palate to the delicious course that follows. The order comes with a side of bread.  Do not get tempted to indulge too much though. Leave some space for the salad, main courses and desserts

Crudo  di Pesce e insalata di mare P1390
(good for 2 persons)
Raw platter with carpaccio di salmon,tuna, lapu lapu and seafood salad

I got so caught up in the cold cuts above not to mention the fat and succulent olives and sour artichoke which are my favorites, I forgot to taste this huhuhu

Mozzarella di Bufala ala Caprese P460
Fresh Mozzarella and slices of fresh tomato and basil

Caprese had always been a favorite starter of mine. In Italian cuisine, one is always guaranteed that the ingredients are fresh. Here the tomato although not as red are nonetheless juicy and sweet. The mozzarella was both chewy and creamy on some parts which  I liked and the basil did not only provide the contrast in color but in flavor as well.  Yum!


Insalata Primavera P 380
Mixed Salad with tuna, boiled eggs and cheese

I liked its simplicity.  The vinaigrette was subtle and light. The protein in this case tuna tasted of the sea. The boiled eggs added another layer of flavor.  The cheese used was mozzarella.  The greens were fresh and crisp. This is an all in one healthy meal I  can replicate at home and can  eat everyday


Penne Mamamia P420
Penne with white wine sauce and chicken breast

Nothing beats pasta made from scratch and simple fresh ingredients. Penne was al dente. White wine sauce was divine. Chicken breast were tender and juicy. I was transported to my favorite restaurant  Caruso again. After all Chef Dario is Caruso .

Ravioli Emiliani Al Buro E Salvia P560
Home- made ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta cheese
 in butter and sage

Butter and sage -- perfect combination. It adds a subtle richness to the whole dish. Adored the ravioli which was perfectly al dente. The spinach and ricotta cheese filling was divine. The butter and sage nicely rounds up all the flavor together for a nice finish in your mouth. Yum!

Spaghetti Scoglio al Pomodoro P480
Spaghetti with assorted seafood in spicy tomato sauce

"Pomodoro" means tomato in Italian. The spaghetti was al dente.   I wish I could make spaghetti this way. Although the sauce was subtle with the flavors of the sea and the richness of the tomato, the dish finishes on your palate nicely with all the sublime flavors combined. Easily one of my favorites.

Tagliolini Portofino  con Salmone e Caviale P590 
Home-made tagliolini with fresh salmon and caviar

Tagliolini is a pasta that is thicker than spaghetti and is similar to tagliatelle which is also made in long strands except that the strands of tagliolini are sometimes cylindrical rather than flat - cooks info.com

In the above dish  we had spinach tagliolini. Easily a favorite among foodies because of the tangy lemony component which melded well with the salmon and caviar.

S E C O N D I    D I    C A R N E

Straccieti  di manzo strapazzati  P560
Slices of beef tenderloin in garlic butter sauce

The carnivore in me was delighted. The presentation was simple. The portion is for one person only at least when it comes to my piggery. The beef tenderloin were sliced thinly and were tender, flavorful and juicy. The carrots and the beans smothered in garlic butter were  crunchy , fresh and scrumptious.

S I C O N D I   D I   P E S C E 

Friturra delle 5 Terre Con Calamari e Gamberi P760
Assorted deep fried calamares and shrimps

This will be a hit with our piggery. Kids love anything deep fried. The shrimp and the squid were crispy outside and tender inside.  It was delicious.  A bit on the pricey side though.

Trancio di Salmone Agli Agrumi P890
Fresh salmon with lemon and orange sauce

I thought it was a slice of mango at first or a serving of dessert . Its color was a bright yellow just like the fruit.

It was salmon though in orange sauce. I loved the mash potato. It was silky and smooth and was well seasoned. I was iffy about the salmon though. I am more partial to  fresh salmon ie sashimi or smoked salmon.   This salmon was a bit overcooked.

P I Z Z E    I T A L I A N E

Hawayaana P460
Tomato, mozzarella,  pineapple and cooked ham

The crust was beautiful. I loved that it was made fresh from scratch from the premises. There is nothing like freshly made pizza regardless that it was Hawaiian .

Calabrese P520
Tomato, mozzarella,olives, bell pepper and spicy ham
I liked this better than the Hawaiian pizza. Its rich red color beckons.  The spicy ham was rich and tasty. I loved he crunch from the olives and bell pepper.


Tiramisu P360
"Tiramisu" literally translated  is "pick me up" in English. It is a popular coffee flavored Italian dessert mostly with lady fingers dipped in coffee and layered with mascarpone cheese. Dario's version had  sponge cake instead of lady fingers. It worked for me.  It was the best tiramisu I have tasted so far.

Panna Cotta P360

Usually made of  cream  thickened with gelatin. It looked like leche flan but does not taste like the popular Pinoy classic dessert because  the panna cotta recipe does not call for eggs. Dario's panna cotta was smooth and silky . It was a dream of a dessert. Delizioso!

Summary :

A sumptuous spread A visual feast. All the pastas made me reminisce and long for  another trip to Italy.

There were hits and misses in the mains,  but overall the food was generally scrumptious. The desserts were sublime.

The service was exceptional. Kudos to the lady servers. Chef Dario was on hand to answer all our questions generously and patiently.

The ambiance was romantic and intimate.  Faded terracotta bricks combined nicely with wooden floors and tables covered with pristine white linens. The high ceiling gave a feeling of spaciousness. Dario Ristorante Italiano is perfect for family celebrations or  "us" time with the significant other.

Definitely dragging the handsome hubby here for our monthly dates.

Ground Floor Serendra
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City
Open 1130 am to 11 00 pm

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