Thursday, October 19, 2017

Unique Fusion of Flavors Now at Chili's

A Blend of Flavors that Dont Blend in ? Unique flavors fused to Perfection? What's Up Chili's?

Regular habitues of Chili's will be happy to know that the restaurant  just introduced its limited edition Top Fusion Menu.

We were there earlier at lunch and we tried all  items on the Top Fusion Menu :


Seared Lamb with Fig Sauce P1,250
Three succulent lamb chops on a bed of potato rounds slathered  with warm 
chipotle fruity sauce. Each chop is  dotted with avocado sauce. Served with roasted cream corn.

The presentation was simple . The green dollop of cream  which dotted each lamb chop intrigued me. At first,  I wondered how the blend of the avocado cream, the chipotle fig sauce and the lamb would taste in my mouth. Rest  your fears. All the flavors married well together.

The silky and  rich  avocado cream  complemented the deep red and sweet chipotle fig sauce. The lamb was grilled to my preferred doneness. It was tender and juicy.  You can tell your server how you would like your lamb too. The potato rounds were the perfect carb pair to the succulent protein.

Easily the best dish among the lot.

Salmon with Aji Amarillo Sauce P850
Salmon Fillet set on a bed of  potato rounds, chimichurri sauce andn aji amarillo sauce
drizled with fruity c  withhipotle sauce. Garnished which green onions. Served with roasted cream corn.

Per Wikipedia , "Aji Amarillo" means  yellow chili  and is the most common pepper cultivated and consumed in Peru.

"Chipotle " is a smoked-dried jalapeno.

"Chimichurri"-  uncooked sauce made of  finely chopped parsley, minced garlic, parsley, vegetable oil, oregano and white vinegar

The salmon was cooked beautifully   -  not too dry nor  undercooked. The sauce was fruity. I did not discern any heat from the chipotle nor the aji amarillo. The potato rounds   tasted good with the chimichurri sauce

BBQ Steak with Chimichurri  P995
8 oz sirloin steak resting on a bed of mashed potatoes and chimichurri sauce.
Topped with pickled red onions, white cheese , fresh cilantro and bbq sauce, Cream corn on the side

This 8 oz sirloin  was cooked perfectly medium rare which is my personal preference for steak. I like it juicy and tender.  If you like it well done though  or  medium, just tell the server and they will cook it to your specification.

The chimichurri and the bbq sauce blended well with the pickled onions and white cheese.

Chipotle Balsamic Steak P995
Seared steak resting on a bed of potato rounds, chimichurri sauce and chipotle balsamic glaze.
With  garlic spread and onion rings  on top. Cream corn on the side 

It is critical that you communicate your preferred doneness to your steak when ordering.  The balsamic glaze was sweet which I liked because it was something different. I loved the crunchy onion rings and garlic spread.

Hand-stuffed Baked Jalapeno P395
Eight pepper wedges  stuffed with smoked chicken then covered with a blend of mixed cheeses. Drizzled with bbq sauce, Served with pickled onion, fresh cilantro and  creamy ranch dressing

The presentation was festive. I loved the play of red, yellow , pink , green and purple. The whole dish was  just one note  however. The acidity from the pickled onions and the ranch dressing overpowered everything. I can  only taste sourness. The stuffed chicken inside and the cheeses though were delicious.

In addition to the Top Fusion Menu, we were served their regular  unli nachos below :


Bottomless Tostada Chips and Salsa P395
Warm and crispy tostada chips  with flavorful housemade salasa
Cup of ranch for an additional P60
Cup of Queso for an additional P180

Margarita Madness
Bottomless Margaritas up for grabs for only P300. Promo runs the whole month of October,
Picture above shows Strawberry Mango Margarita

Summary :

For carnivore 'ol me , Top Fusion menu is one heck of a good  promotion. It even has a choice of salmon for those who are not too keen on steaks.

Those who love their meat will definitely be in steak heaven when you go to Chili's

Most definitely bringing the piggery here.

2nd level Robinson's Galleria
Opens at 10 am

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