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Wingfather Wings & Booze

"Our busines started this year January 2017. Wingfather and the Fry Mafia is just a small food stall inside a foodpark located in Visayas Avenue QC. together with our bar Pixel Stop. And then  last June ,  we also opened a chimichanga joint in  Container Turf BF Homes Aguirre.  It is called Wrapido . There we offer the Phillychangas chicken chimichangas, shrimp gambas. breakfast chimichangas. We had an idea to establish a bar/restaurant where we can combine all three stores. Then we found Lamp Quarters..... "
                                                                                               - JUSTINE  MAGTUBO  Co-Owner

The name of the restaurant intrigues. Then we found out the backstory later.

Last Tuesday  unica and I hied off to Lamp Quarters Marikina to check out some restaurants with foodie friends.We initially thought it was a food park. But somehow  Lamp Quarters does not belong under that category.

That brick  U-shaped facade houses 10 restaurants which were carefully chosen to be distinct from each other. In the middle was an open garden where diners can enjoy their repast alfresco.  The whole effect was a bit reminiscent of  San Diego's Gas Lamp Quarters, which was actually the inspiration per Ms Myla Gutierrez. Opened to the public  just last October 6, it is starting to create quite a buzz in the foodie world.

Our eye was set on  Wingfather Wings & Booze which  was the last among 3 dining places we visited that day. It has the distinction of being the only bar in Lamp Quarters.  Moreover its menu was concocted by celebrity Chef  Luigi Muchlach , the son of  that handsome matinee idol  of  the 80s Aga Muhlach and actress Janice de Belen.

We tasted the following :

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The Phillychanga P195
Portmanteau of philly cheese steak and chimichanga.   It is a combination of  Philly cheese steak and chimichanga topped with special cheese sauce and with barbecue nacho chips on the side.

You have  thinly sliced beefsteak,. You have tortilla wrap. You have salsa, and cilantro. Best of al you  have cheese...loads of it . All for only P195. Tasted amazing, Texture is there.  Price affordable.  Both my favorites combined. Delicious and cheap!!!

Corleone aka Boy Bawang Wings P230

You can not eat this  on date night. Well unless your  boyfie eats some as well. Then you negate the smell altogether.  Seriously though, this is one good chow. If you like Boy Bawang then you will like its wing version. First off it had the crispiness. Of course the strong garlic aroma  is its appeal as well. Wings were succulent. I loved the crunch on some parts . The red pepper aioli enhances  the boy bawang's flavor and texture with the dip's creaminess. Quite addicting.  One order may just be enough for one person though  because you may not want to share after getting a bite hahaha

Capone aka Aligui Wings P230

After Corleone , the creaminess of  Capone was a nice contrast. At first I thought it was Salted Egg, you know its the in thing with  food nowadays..... salted-egg-everything. Relieved to know it was Aligui. The Aligui taste was subtle which was fine with me. The wings were again moist, juicy and a joy to eat. That kesong puti aioli was yum!

Boy Bawang Spam Fries P 160

This was one fun fries.  Spam and Boy Bawang. Nothing can beat that combination. The crunch was there. That spam was still moist under that Boy bawang rub.Note the presentation. Clever no ?

 This is a new item  that is still not available in the menu though but will be soon.


The bar is by Pixel Stop  1/3  of  the triumvirate which formed Wingfather.   It was a video-game-themed bar. Note some of the names of their drinks. They have "Adventure Island " (mojito),  "Donkey Kong" (signature cocktail of muscovado syrup, apple cider vinegar and beer) and "Goonies" (banana mudslide)

Adventure Island  P200

Donkey Kong P150

Summary :

Yes Wingfather was inspired by that classic film Godfather and its gangster genre. Thus the names of the wings ie Corleone and Capone. Interesting no?

All in all a solid afternoon  enjoyed with  delicious chicken wings, chimichangas and drinks at prices that are affordable. I am actually  jealous of people who live near Lamp Quarters now. They have Wingfather Wings and  Booze to hangout in when they just want to unwind.

"PISO DISH MEAL " - Spend P500 pesos and grab a deal of your choice for only P1.00. Check out their website for details

Wing Fathers Primo
Lamp Quarters Gil Fernando Avenue
Sto Nino Marikina City
Open 10 am to 10 pm

Wing Fathers Primo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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