Friday, October 13, 2017

All-You-Can-Eat-Ribs-Chicken-Sausages-Sides and more @ Morganfields

Indeed all pigs at Morganfields do fly. They  fly all the way  from Espana the land of the matadors to reach our beloved Philippine shores.

Mark your calendars.  Monday October 16  will be the start of their month-long  ultimate and much awaited All-You-Can-Eat-Ribs-Chicken-Sausages-Sides which began in their MOA branch and continues in Ayala Mall on the 30th, BGC and MOA branches.

For only P695 on weekdays (M-F) from 11am-2pm and 6pm- 9pm, you get to feast on unlimited ribs, chicken, sausages and sides.  No sharing. No leftovers. Please see their facebook page and website for details.

Best deal ever!  Wonderful news for our  'piggery'  who missed the MOA promo last month. Even just one serving of the promo is value for money . Ala carte ribs alone is P495 already. Add the chicken, sausage , sides plus all the second, third and nth serving you want . So perfect for my kids aka piggery who have ginormous appetites and who will definitely not leave any left overs nor share with each other hahaha

Other new items on Morganfields menu :

Smokehouse Club Salad P395
Fresh garden greens topped with chicken, mixed cheese, bell peppers, egg,crispy pork,
bacon bits, red onions, croutons. Served with bbq ranch dressing

Actually relieved they have this option, Not all people are big eaters.  Great to know that they have an all-in-one meal that is healthy and delicious at the same time. I loved the crisp and fresh greens. The salad was deconstructed allowing me to make my own combination. The slight kick from that bit of a spice was a welcome respite from all that creamy ranch dressing.

Lemon Cola Iberico Baby Back Ribs P1050
Hearty and juicy baby back ribs smothered with freshly squeezed zesty lime juice
simmered with cola and their home made bbq sauce topped with fuity salsa. 
Served with crispy corn tortilla chips and coleslaw

A delicious option on weekends for the family. One order can feed 2-4 people together with other orders. The ribs were indeed moist, succulent and fall of the bone. That lemon cola simmer was effective. Mental note - must replicate at home. 

The Carnivore (Regular) P1695
Half slab of hickory bbq  Spare Ribs OR Garlicky BBQ Spare ribs, OR Smoked Peppercorn 
Spare Ribs OR Savory Sweet BBQ Spare Ribs, 1/4 Tequila Spiked Chicken OR 1/4 Herb Roasted Chicken, 
grilled spicy Devil Sausage, Grilled Herby Hog Sausage, garden salad and crispy French Fries.

Great  for families or group of friends on weekends where promo does not apply. One order can feed 2-4 people. or just one depending on your appetites hehehe


Pulled Pork Sisig P245
Signature spare ribs turned into a popular Filipino dish.Crispy fried rib flakes tossed with sesame soy mayo dressing
green chilis and onions,  Served with buttered corn, carrots and steamed rice.

The sisig was beautifully crispy. The sesame-soy-mayo dressing which slathered the pulled pork was sweet unlike the classic sisig which is normally savory. It was a twist that I liked.   A little caveat though - this is one dish that will make you ask for two or more cups of rice. Good luck (evil laughter)

Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs & Crispy Fish P445
Morganfields' signature  Hickory BBQ spare ribs and crispy deep fried fish fillet
with their special beer batter. Served with crispy french fries.

The batter of the deep fried fish fillet was crunchy and just right ( not too thin nor too thick). The fish encased inside was fluffy. The hickory bbq spare ribs were fall of the bone and delicious. Loving Morganfields french fries which were crisp outside and soggy inside. Yum!

The Ayala on the 30th Mall branch is huge! It is perfect for family 
gatherings and get together with friends.

 Alert and cheerful

Food Deal   
Value for money . Exceptional ribs. Yummy sides.
 Delicious dips.

Definitely bringing the piggery and the whole clan here.

Zomato friends and foodies with Ms. Elaine of Morganfields

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