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Voltes V, Mazinger Z and Daimos @ Mr. Roboto

"I am actually a fan of  80s  music. I collect vinyl records and David and I both love the song Mr. Roboto, so  everything is inspired by the song. We decided to go with the robot theme since David used to watch Voltes V as a kid and we wanted to bridge the generational gap between our parents' generatio and ours " -  Chef  Owner Daniella

David  and Daniella (owners) hit the jackpot  when they combined two iconic Japanese concepts together -- that of  Robots and  Japanese food.   Mr. Roboto  is just 3 months old but the buzz about their restaurant is getting louder.

"Mr. Roboto"  was from a song in the 80s  of the same name.  And I cant   get it out of my head  ... playing over and over huhuhu

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto , domo.... domo
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto , domo....domo

The menu  and the dishes  were conceptualized by  Daniella  who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco. She is also the daughter of Chef  Neil of the famous Neil's Kitchen in West Gate Alabang.

First off  I knew it was going to be a fun  and unusual lunch with all the visages of famous robots of the 70s all over the place. Remember Voltes V, Mazinger Z and Daimos?  They were  immortalized and paid tribute to  via the sushis named in their honor.

Seoond  all their sushi chefs were women . Talk about girl power. Third their servings were ginormous! Talk about value for money.

Here were the list of the items we enjoyed last Thursday :
Daimos  P250
Spicy Shrimp Bisque, Pickled Aburi Ebi, Secret Furikake

Thoroughly enjoyed the hint of spice. Learned two Japanese words today . Aburi style sushi refers  to a method where the seafood is partially grilled and partially raw. Furikake is a dry Japanese seasoning that is sprinkled on top of rice , vegetables and fish. 

Shake Nigiri P255
Secret Secret Sushi Rice, Nagi Salmon, Soy Truffle
Secret Secret Beets Sauce

I loved the presentation. The colors  dark pink from the beets sauce constrasted nicely with the pinkish orange color of the salmon. I loved the texture as well .  The Japanese rice used was of high quality. No scrimping of ingredients here. The salmon were freshed and succulent.  The portions were more than generous for its price. An instant favorite . Yum!

Maguro Nigiri P245
Secret Secret Sushi Rice, Nagi tuna, Soy Truffle,
Secret Secret Sesame Sauce

Maguro refers to tuna.  This  was quite a mouthful and very satisfying. Loved the nutty taste from the toasted sesame seeds. Play of texture was wonderful. Tuna was beautiful. Secret secret sesame sauce was yum

Mr.Roboto Maki P280
Spicy Tuna, Nagi Tuna, Aburi Tuna, Secret Furikake

It was all about tuna and this sushi deserves its name. Super delicious and reasonably priced!

Voltes V P280
Kani Salad,  Kani wrapped Ebi, Secret Tenkasu

To be honest , I thought the Voltes V sushi would have 5 parts that can volt in hahaha. So when I saw  the above sushi, it was a bit of a let down initially. But the taste and the texture more than made up for the disconnect . 

Nori Nachos P350
Nori Chips, Crispy Kani,  Pickled Tuna,  Spicy Salmon
Cream Cheese and Wasabe Mayo

It did not look appetizing at first glance. It appeared to be just a mountain of mess or a mess of a mountain hahaha. At any rate, one  bite is all i need to get sold on the idea.  Those nori chips were crunchy and chewy. Those crispy kani which  looked like crisp noodles were a turn off. I was prettty sure I will not like it. But when combined with those miniscule cubes-of-a-surprise that were tuna and salmon plus cream cheese and wasabe mayo,  turned out to be delicious. My only criticism  was I wish there were less crispy kani and more cubes of those yummy tuna and salmon. Perhaps a  little bowl  of creamcheese-wasabemayo combo on the side as an option?

Ultimate Prawn Tempura P495
3 pieces of Prawn Tempura, Vegetable Tempura,
Soft Boiled Egg and Roboto Tempura Sauce

This can feed two ladies with modest appetites. But for my piggery, one is to one. The tempura was crunchy. The prawn inside was huge. The sauce was yum. The vegetable tempura were a delight as well. Worth its price.

Chicken Katsu with Gravy P420

The Roboto curry was delicious. The chicken katsu were ok. It had a good crunch on it. The vegetable tempura were yum

Chocolate Bread Pudding P295
Milo Powder, Nutella Cream,  Candied Bacon,
Vanilla Ice cream

It was a simple dessert. I loved the ice cream and the candied bacon. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of bread pudding. It was good though to be fair. But will I be ordering it again? No.

Summary :

All the sushis above were good.  My favorite though would have to be their Shake (Salmon) Nigiri  and Mr. Roboto. Delicious!

I loved their Tempura more than their Chicken katsu.

The Nori Tacos were fun  and do try it once.

Would I be returning to Mr. Roboto anytime soon ? - Most definitely! I can not wait to try Mazinger Z, Voltron , chirashi and all items on their menu with the piggery and the handsome hubby :)

Please open a branch in BGC or Glorietta  David and Daniella

PS . Voltes V Maki is 40% off until October 18 ! Yay!

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