Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Secret is Out - The TrueGrill Meat Lover's Cafe

There is a hole in the wall in Makati Avenue that serves the best Angus Steak  and burgers in town. Moreover it does not cost an arm and a leg to enjoy  them. They are grass fed and are imported from Melbourne Australia via Melbourne Prime. I am talking legit Angus beef here people

True Grill Meat Lover's Cafe is located  beside A Venue in Makati Avenue. along Valdez Street. Per its gracious owners Mr and Mrs Urrutia, their restaurant first opened its door to the public in  mid 2013  due to the clamor of its  customers.  Originally an  importer of meat and meat products  and an exclusive distributor of high grade Australian Beef under the brand "Melbourne Prime" , it began supplying fine dining restaurants with  luxe Australian steaks  in 2009 to the present.

Last Tuesday,  together with the other foodies, we were invited  for lunch  and tasted the following dishes:

Great Southern Pinnacle Rib Eye Steak 200 g P645 - A Grade 5  steak, the Pinnacle Ribeye Steak  is the best among the best according to the Australian Grading system which is evaluated by Meat Standards Australia

There is a saying that the proof  of the pudding is in the eating.  The aroma of the steak is unbelievable,  Shining, shimmering, splendid the first thought that came to mind . I almost broke out into a song hehehe. Seriously any true blue carnivore will be in steak heaven   with the sight of that beautiful Australian Grade 5 meat.

I wasted no time in slicing a piece to taste. Damn,  it was like hot knife to butter, so tender! The taste was beautiful. The only seasoning was salt and a bit of pepper and a dab of butter which I liked. It was so delicious, I forgot the salad and the fries that went with it. My attention was solely focused on that succulent piece of meat, the star of the show.

No wonder top notch hotels and chi chi restaurants form part of their clientele and they charge you twice ( or thrice) for the same steak you can enjoy at half the price here at True Grill. Wait there's more, You can order the steaks piecemeal or by the boxes depending on your preference for you to grill at home or as gifts for friends. Per Mr Mauro Urrutia ( Proprietor and CEO of True Grill and RLGC Foods  Enterprises) big corporations order from them for Christmas giveaways.

A piece of  the Pinnacle Prime Rib eye  which is the peg for all rib eye steaks , is only P465  .  They package it in a yellow box with dry ice if you buy 5. The box list all the instructions you need  to enjoy your steak from thawing to grilling . They also have gift boxes for special occasions. Please check their website for more details.

We also enjoyed their Angus Beef Burgers (P345)  which were juicy and delicious.  Those beef patties were meaty and  had layers and layers  of flavor.  Oh you  can also buy them as gifts or  to cook at home  They come in black boxes.

Summary :

There you go. The secret is out. Would have liked to keep it to myself  but I cant  help sharing  such a foodgasmic experience.

Do not let the almost nondescript  facade dissuade you from checking out this very low-key restaurant. This is a no non-sense, legit Angus Steak and burger joint. So do not go there expecting fancy schmancy  ambiance or sophisticated presentation.  There is no camouflage needed here. The meat speak for themselves.

Most definitely bringing the piggery and the handsome hubby here pronto.

True Grill Meat Lover's Cafe
4362 Valdez St. corner
Makati Avenue
632 8993344
632 8965770
63 9178487813

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