Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Carnivore Party @ Johnny"s Steak and Grill

Those grill marks, the caramelization, the glistening fat,  those green parsley... 
and when you cut through it,  like butter to a hot knife

To say I was "steakcited" was an understatement.  I am a self-confessed carnivore who had not eaten a bite of  steak  for months to date. Yes those posts re red meat really got to me hahaha.  So an invite from  Johnny's was heaven sent.

Johnny's Grill and Steak is a part of  B Hotel  as in Bellevue Manila (Alabang) fame.  Per Ms Sab (Marketimg Coordinator),  "Bellevue" means beautiful view.  

Earlier at lunch we were served the following :

From the menu above, I chose smoked salmon salad for starter,  CAB (certified Angus Beef) Prime Rib Eye 220  g  for my main and for dessert their Belgian Chocolate Cake. I chose  a glass of  their Chilean Red wine to pair with my steak.

The smoked  salmon salad was the perfect starter. I loved the crispy greens and the light vinaigrette. The salmon were flavorful and delicious. Matched with the steak, I felt like I ordered surf and turf.

Per Chef Zyra, the CAB Prime Rib Eye  is the most tender  and meaty among the three choices. Indeed, I found my 220 gram steak  so tender even a butter knife can cut through it. I ordered medium rare .  My steak was  juicy and absolutely divine.  The wine complemented  my slab of rib eye perfectly.   I was thoroughly enjoying my beef heaven, I almost forgot my onion rings with its truffle mayo dip hahaha. It had the crunch although a bit on the oily side.

CAB Prime Rib Eye P1100.00 220 g . Aint she a beauty!

Porter house and Beef Steak in the pic. Flatlay by @ilovetoeatph

Those grill marks, the caramelization, the glistening fat,  those green parsley... and when you cut through it,  like butter to a hot knife

From among the 3 choices of desserts, I chose the Belgian Chocolate Cake. Sorry, its the choco fiend in me that almost always choose this sweet treat.

Tada!  Belgian Chocolate Cake

That Belgian Chocolate top is silky and smooth. The choco sprinkles were a delight. The  sponge cake itself was dark, chocolatey and moist. This was an enjoyable treat and a welcome ending to a sinful meal. It can be shared by two.

Summary :

The Steak: Party in my mouth. My Prime Rib Eye steak , all 220g  of it was perfectly cooked to my specification (medium rare). You can order medium well or well done depending on how you like it. Just relay to your waiter your wish and they are more than willing to oblige. 

Ambiance : Pretty casual. You do not need to be in a cocktail dress to dine here.

Service :  Chef Zyra leads by example. She was approachable, generous with her time in answering your questions, very amiable and passionate about her craft.

Price : Considering the quality of the meat served ( USDA and CAB), the  price is more than justified. 

I left Johnny's Steak and Grill, replete .... craving fully satisfied.

Definitely bringing the equally carnivorous piggery here asap.

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