Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Yo Panda

Per the low-key owner  and gracious  Ms. Prim Chua, it took a while to come up with the name of the restaurant. They know they want to serve modern Hong Kong cuisine.  The national animal of China is the Panda. How to make the Panda cool and hip ? Let it don shades and an afro do. Thus Yo Panda was born. That black and white logo says it all.

Today we  tried the following specialties of  the restaurant :

Italian Soft Serve Bubble Waffle

Italian soft serve ice cream, chocolate clusters, chunks of delectable dark chocolate brownies, egg waffle , chocolate syrup. Yes that gorgeous creation above is by Yo Panda.  Just like Yo Panda , it is cool. It is chill. It is to die for.

Shrimp and  Cheese Balls Topped with Pork Floss
with Japanese Mayo Dip or Sweet Soy Dip P290

The balls were huge  and crunchy. They were filling and satisfying. I loved dipping my balls in  the sweet soy dip. The brown dip provide  that hint of  acidity to balance the richness of  the cheese. shrimp and batter.  Quite addicting!

Premium Hongkong Milk Tea P130

Per Ms. Prim ,  this is special drink made from Sri lankan tea. I loved the presentation. The tea was served in a carafe  on a bed of ice cubes to keep it cold. It was quite refreshing  and delicious. Moreover,  the tea helped to douse the fire on your tongue as you take a bite of their spicy  korean chicken variant in a waffle.

Chicken and Waffle Cones  P160 per cone

We were served the 4 kinds-- Plain, Maple and Gravy, Spicy Korean and  Garlic Parmesan. Being a self-confessed cheese fiend, I naturally gravitated towards their one and only cheese variant. I can taste the garlic and the parmesan cheese. The boneless chicken were moist and although  just a bit oily, was scrumptious. The presentation was adorable. They looked like drumstick ice creams but instead of the sweet dessert, you get a cone-full of  boneless chicken 'pops' for want of a better word and a bamboo skewer to pierce a piece of  the crunchy chicken with.

Lechon Macau Pizza P450
crispy roasted pork, chinese chorizo, ground beef, cheese, Korean bbq, thin pizza crust

Hats off to Yo Panda for creating this delicious Italian-Chinese-American-Korean pizza.  So unique! All the flavors meld together in one mouthful. Yum!

Yo Panda's Shepherd's Pie P290
Tender beef stew topped with mashed potatoes and cheese.
A meaty savory comfort food classic.

Cheese made the mashed potatoes creamier. The beef stew brought in  the savoriness. The combination of the two created a delicious all-in-one dish with the requisite protein , carbs, fat and veggies provided. Cheap too at P290

Baby Back Ribs
The ribs  need a  little bit more time in the oven to make it more tender. But it was  tasty and flavorful

Chicken Tenders
The tenders were crispy outside and moist inside. It went well with either the sweet soy dip or the gravy.

Set meal for  a group of 4  P1500
Lechon Macau Pizza,  Ribs, shepherd's pie, chicken tenders, 4 iced tea, 4 cups of rice  for only P1500. 

Choco Matcha Jelly  P220

Vanilla Italian gelato soft serve, matcha chocolate chip bubble waffle. matcha jelly, rice crispies, cookie crust, matcha powder, macha fudge sauce.

Over all a scrumptious experience. How is it possible that everything tasted so good!

Definitely coming back with the piggery in tow

Yo! Panda Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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