Friday, August 4, 2017

Krazy Garlic

Had a late lunch yesterda  at Krazy Garlik with foodie friends.  It was my first time here so was kind of excited to find out what meals it had on its menu. Apparently every dish in the menu has garlic in it , even in their dessert? Thus its name  Krazy Garlic.

They have a new item in the menu -- their  Chipotle Chicken.  You can order a platter with nachos and rice or ala carte.

It is sweet almost barbecue-like in taste with a very subtle heat brought about by chipotle. The meat was tender and delicious. Per Wikipedia, chipotle is a smoke dried jalapeno

Garlicky Crispy Pata P495/P695

It was indeed garlicky and crunchy. Inside though the pork was tender and moist. Yum! An order can feed 2-4 people with the Chipotle Chicken. The only thing missing were cups of piping hot rice.

Creamy Spinach Bites  P245
Deep fried wanton wrapper stuffed with cream cheese and spinach in a bed of greens.

This was crunchy good as an appetizer. The filling was a bit bland initially but when dipped in the red chili sauce and mixed with crisp lettuce greens and  cilantro (?) , it all comes together. One of my favorite dish.

Cheese Dynamites  P195
Deep-fried green chili stuffed with mozzarella cheese and chorizo.

I like that it was not oily considering it was deep fried.  Also a very good starter. The green chili provided the kick to an otherwise normally  "tame" mozzarella which was there I guess to provide the creaminess. I did not get a hint of the chorizo. Would have preferred a spicy marinara dip to dunk my dynamite in to really create an explosion in my mouth :)

Krazy Garlic Nachos P245
Stuffed with ground beef, rice noddles, peanuts and romaine lettuce.

This one is a crowd pleaser. Everybody loves nachos. This is a good one .

Krazy Garlik Veggies P 425

Sauteed squash, broccoli, french beans, cauliflower, fried tofu in oster sauce.

After  that sinful crispy pata and delicious Chipotle chicken, it was almost a relief to see something  a herbivore would like. Yay to vegetables and tofu. It was sweet from the fresh vegetables and savory at the same time. A little too pricey for  a plate of vegetables with tofu. But it was quite scrumptious.

Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad  P325/P525
Romaine lettuce and grilled chicken strips tossed in home made sesame lime dressing and peanut sauce. Topped with fried wanton strips

A krazy mix of textures and flavors. This one was a winner for me. I love the crisp greens, crunchy wanton strips, the chicken strips vis a vis the creaminess and tanginess of the home made sesame lime dressing. Then you taste the peanut sauce almost at the end. Sarap!

Over all.....busog. The food is very good.

Food          4/5
Ambiance   4/5

Service       3/5
Maybe they were understaffed. The restaurant was not even full because it was after lunch. Or maybe the other servers were taking a break (?) . At any rate, service was slow.

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