Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Embrace the Toxicity @Roadster Roasters

They are not kidding. When they say "Embrace the toxicity" they meant it literally .

Be sure to leave your diet at the door.  If you want healthy food, this is not the place to be.  They love butter and fat  here and they slather their ribs with it after oven roasting them for 4 hours. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

First let me describe the ambiance for you :

industrial vibe
high ceiling
brick wall
red cushioned seats
graffitti on the wall
tire and ropes for "chandelier"

Roadster Roasters was originally envisioned by  Nico Yap, Kurt Cheng, Oneal Tan and Jerrinah Cheng , as a food truck business.  Experiencing first hand the difficulty in  securing the permits , voluminous documentations required plus the enormity of the cost implication of travelling from one point to another however,  made them decide to shelve the food truck dream temporarily in favor of  a restaurant.

Per Nico an opportunity arose when the present space occupied by the restaurant became available for lease. They lost no time in booking it.

Last June, they opened Roadster Roasters to the public. Per Nico Yap, they named it Roadster Roasters because it was evocative of roadsters in southern USA where barbecues are  an ubiquitous activity.

Here are the dishes that were served to us for lunch today :

Roadster Pork Belly Salad with Ranch Dressing  P270
Healthy greens mixed with roast pork belly chops

Concept is great. It can be an all in one meal for a single person.  A bit heavy handed on the dressing so much so that the greens became soggy. Perhaps a little acidity will help. I love the crunch on the skin of the pork belly. The meat itself was tender. I loved that it had olives to provide the saltiness and tomato to give it color. 4/5


Roadster Nachos P280
Home made tortilla chips loaded with onions, chives jalapenos, ground beef and cheese

I held the "tortilla" in my hand and turned it this way and that wondering if  it was fried wonton. It was not . According to  Kurt Cheng, it was their home made tortilla chips. I loved the crunch on the chips but was not a fan of their cheese sauce which was also home made btw. I found it a bit on the salty side , my palate was looking for layers of flavor to balance the saltiness.   3/5

P1 Chicharon P135 for every bucket of beer
What's not to like ? Everyone loved the crunchy and sinful chicharon

 Smoked Corn P90
The presentation was pleasing to the eyes. Kernels of corn lying on its own husk with garnish of bacon, etc. Sweet and delicious. I loved it! 4/5
Onion Rings P140

Crispy coated deep fried onion rings. They were a bit oily for me. 3/5


150g P300 , 300 g P590,  500 g P980,  1.5 kg P1,920
slow cooked for 12 hours to achieve tenderness, special secret rub for smokiness

I was  a bit confused by the color of the dish initially. I was expecting it to be somewhat a bit pale in color as what you would think whole roasted meat would look inside when sliced. Then Nico Yap (owner) explained that after the  12 hours cooking time,  they put it on a salamander to give it a bit of color before serving. 

The meat was tender and delicious. It was screaming for rice. Our piggery would love this. One order per piggery hehehe and cups of extra rice.  4.5/5

Barbecue Pork Ribs
180g P 320 with one side, 360 g P580 with one side
Half rack P760, Full rack 1480

Meat was tender and fall of the bone. Flavor was spot on. Barbecue sauce was crazy good. My only beef (pardon the pun hihihi) was that it was too oily for me. No wonder, owner Kurt explained that after roasting slowly for 4 hours , they slather it with butter and oven roast it a bit anew  before serving.

Another potential piggery favorite .  4.5/5

Roast Pork Belly
single with one side P340, 1 kg platter P680

Think chopped lechon kawali. The skin was crunchy. The flesh was in deed tender and juicy. Best paired with vinegar to cut through its richness.

Roast Chicken
Quarter P150 with two sides P220
Half P280, plus two sides P345

The  skin was golden. The meat was a bit on the dry side perhaps because we took a lot of time taking pictures before we  ate it. At any rate,  the wing was ok.  The chicken was well seasoned. It was a good chicken. Nothing to jump up and down about though.

Summary :

Per Nico Yap  (owner), there is  an important reason why "Embrace the Toxicity" is written on their wall.   In Roadsters Roasters, it  is meant literally.

When they say Embrace the  toxicity, they mean its no holds barred on fat , butter, alcohol, meat, salt  and all things sinful. Expect oily, greasy, flavorful, rich food.

This is your cheat day place.  This is the place you go to with friends when  you do want to forget about calories, cholesterol and the like.

So Dig In folks

Roadster Roasters
Ground Floor, TV% Media Center
Sheridan Corner Reliance Street
Highway Hills Mandaluyong City

Open from 11 am to sawa

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