Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dwntwn and Halsted @ BGC

Per Mr. Harvey Tanedo  owner and restaurateur, Dowtown & Halsted was named after the streets in Chicago famous for its food and art scene.  The restaurant opened late November last year  and is quite known to bar habitues for its bespoke cocktails using fresh-pressed juices, its beer promos during happy hour and its bar chows.

Recently they decided  to  open their doors to the lunch and dinner crowd as well.  Today, we were served the following specialties :

Mushroom Soup P250

Hearthy, earthy, rich, made-from-scratch soup.  This is perfect for our wet weather.  I loved the slivers of crispy potatoes on top. Just the perfect touch to give a little texture to the whole dish. It was a bit salty though.

Mixed Seafood Pasta P350
Handmade arugula fettuccine with mixed seafood and chimichurri. The mussels and shrimp were succulent. The sauce was creamy , rich and sinful. The pasta  just a tad overcooked.

Skewered Meats

Chicken Skewer 150
The chicken thighs were sweet, tender and moist.

Lengua Skewer P250

I quite enjoyed this skewer. The lengua were so soft almost melt in your mouth but very rich in flavorful. This would be best paired with beer, a glass of red wine or a cocktail.

Pork Skewer P150

was also good.  A piece of charred fat though would elevate it a notch higher hahaha. Another dish that would be a perfect bar chow or with a cup of rice can be  lunch or dinner.

Baby Back Ribs P580
It was tender, sweet and delicious. My piggery will demolish this in one sweep. We would have to order them one plate each though .

Crispy Pork Knuckles P580
The skin was crisp and crunchy. The meat was tender, juicy and full of flavor. This  dish can feed 2-4 people .   Our piggery will be over the moon with joy with this.  I can already visualize them ordering extra rice when this lands on the table hahaha

Chorizo Pasta P385

The combination of chorizo with the al dente fettuccine and that secret creamy sauce is scrumptious. I will order this again when I return with the fam.

Buffalo Fingers

Another favorite of the group.  The chicken was crunchy and crispy. The blue cheese dressing was delicious. The combination of the two  was  scrumptious. You will not be able to help yourself. You will just go on and on shoveling that morsel in your mouth until its gone. Perfect for lunch or dinner with rice

Healthy Alternatives

Tikka Wrap P240

You have vegetables, protein and carbs all in one wrap. This would appeal to our unica hija who is watching what she eats. Delicious  and less calories if you do not eat the chips that is hahaha

Portobello and Quinoa Salad P250

Per Wikipedia Quinoa is a grain-like crop grown primarily for its edible seeds. It is not a cereal or grain. It is seed. Quinoa is naturally gluten free and  one of only a few plant foods that is considered a complete protein containing  all nine essential amino acids.

Yep healthy and complete. This one is for me or for anyone who loves healthy foods. I also love portobello mushrooms. I like its meaty, juicy texture. You sort of feel you are eating meat because of its mouthfeel.

Fresh-pressed Juices

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice  and Apple Juice

Fresh-pressed Juices. No sugar. No additives, Just pure fruit in  a glass. This one is a winner for me. Pure vitamin C in liquid form. Yum!

Coffee Lemonade P145

This one got us really curious we had to order it. It was a coffee with  yes lemonade. It sounded weird but it actually tasted good. There is the bitterness of the coffee with the sweet tanginess of the lemonade. Refreshing!

Summary :

Ambiance :  Dark. Artsy inside. Industrial feel. Black curtains. Bar dominates the space. Ceiling higher than normal which was good so you do not feel claustrophobic. Btw, restroom's light is dim too but clean. We were at the resto from 10 am to 1 pm

Service :  Excellent but maybe because we were the only ones there hehehe at that time

Price :  Generally reasonable.

Verdict : Highly recommend you guys try  their lunch or dinner.  Do not be put off by their bar-like vibe.  Yes they do serve lunch and dinner now. Definitely bringing the family to enjoy their meals.

Downtown & Halsted
Ground Floor Burgos Parklane
Forbestown Road BGC
just between Locavore and Watson

022469072, 320

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