Tuesday, July 25, 2017

UNI virgin no more....

This is a look back at my first time to try UNI at Hanaichi Restaurant BGC 3 years ago. 
Thanks to  FB and their "memory" post  just a few minutes earlier, I had a good laugh reading how I described my experience.

My first time to try Uni (sea urchin) and Unagi (eel).

The brownish-yellowish-wet and liquidy Uni looked something that came from the toilet, I dreaded even touching it with the tip of my chopsticks lol.

It was a good thing though that I was so ripe to try something different and new. Moreover, I have read good reviews about Hanaichi's uni and unagi. This made me fearless enough to nonchalantly pick up my uni with my chopstick and in one swift motion deposited the whole shebang in my mouth without gagging.

And to my surprise, sweet affirmation! Cold, gorgeous rich sea flavor made me sigh ...pure bliss ....... foodgasmic!!

Will talk about the unagi in a bit. My palate felt it had just been hit by a truck and is head over heels in love with UNI. Up to now still looking for the best adjective to describe my new-found-love.... oh UNI ❤️

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