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L'entrecote - Chapter 1...

I know that a book is going to be a good read if  after just a  few paragraphs  I can not bear to put it down.  I want to consume the words and sentences  as  fast as I can  to see the story to its conclusion yet  Im also  torn because I also want to savor each chapter as the tale slowly unfolds before my eyes. 

This analogy came  to mind just as we finished the first course -- Beer Battered Oysters with lumpfish caviar washed down with a glass of sparkling wine called Liquid Gold. 

I knew right then and there that we were in for a hell of a " read " ....

We were at L'entrecote BGC and I was fortunate enough to be invited along with 10 other foodies  to a lunch   meet up  thanks  to Zomato via China. It was one invitation that got me quite excited. I adore French food and I love meat so this was something that I looked forward to.

"L'entrecote ", per Chef  Owner Martin Kaspar literally mean "sirloin cut" .   L'entrecote restaurants in Swiss-French regions serve just that one dish -- steaks and fries. 

Seven years ago when Chef Martin opened L'entrecote  in the country,  it was just a one-dish restaurant just as he envisioned- steaks and fries.  Pretty soon , sensitive to what his patrons were suggesting, he added more dishes to his menu. Still consistent in serving Swiss-French cuisine though, you can not find rice here, only risotto :)

Chef Martin does everything big. His voice booms when he gets excited  and his hands and facial expression echoes this passion. This same passion is evident in the food he creates. They are all big in flavor and you can discern the care and love that goes to each dish as you see, smell and taste its freshness and quality

Here were the dishes which were served to us at lunch earlier :

Beer -battered Oysters (P390.00) with a glass of  Liquid Gold

Deep fried Aklan Oysters garnished with greens, a thousand island dressing and caviar. Although I would have preferred fresh oysters for starters and therefore quite prepared to be disappointed, I was surprised and delighted to find myself enjoying this dish.   I tasted the freshness of the oyster beneath all that batter. I loved the crunchiness of the coating against the creaminess  of this marine mollusk. The green salad with vinaigrette provided the much needed acidity to counteract the umay factor. We were  served a glass of  Liquid Gold , a sparkling wine, to complement the starters. I loved it! I can finish a bottle of this hahaha   5/5

Note : Per Chef Martin,  Thursdays are Liquid Gold Nights for ladies. Bring your husband  or significant other to enjoy their promo. Check Léntrocote 's  Facebook page for details.

Hot Swiss Cheese Canapes (P360) . This dish include 2 mushroom chorizo, 2 curried tomato confit and 2 ham and pineapple. My favorite was the mushroom chorizo. 3.5/5

Cheesy Triangles  (P240) Crisp Phyllo triangles filled with spinach and Swiss Cream Cheese. I loved how thin and crunchy the Phyllo were and  the surprise filling inside.  I prefer this over the Hot Swiss Cheese Canapes. 5/5

Pissaladiere P285 -- puff pastry that looked like a pizza  with smothered onions, anchovies, olives and gruyere. It was good. I loved the olives and the hint of anchovies. Would have liked to have more gruyere  3.5/5

Complimentary bread -  Their bread is really good. Should have bought a dozen for my piggery, 5/5

Tasty Hot Octopus with Garlic (P360) - olive oil , olives, shallots, lemon. Served with french bread.
Such a simple dish but so flavorful! Do remember to squeeze the lemon all over it before diving into the dish. Oh and mop all of those sauce with the bread. Every drop is precious. 4.5/5


Grilled Marinated Salmon P595 on Lemon Risotto with Chorizo, Cherry Tomatoes and Lettuce also Herb  Aioli Sauce

How  delightful that  this beautiful dish can be ordered for only P595 and with risotto too! I love salmon especially one which is cooked just right like this one. The Lemon Risotto with Chorizo provided  the carbs and just the right zing to balance all flavors together. I can see my 81 year old father in law loving the salmon. The risotto  is iffy though. Papa loves his rice. 4.5/5

Mediterranean Sea Pasta (P545) - Mussels, shrimps and octopus in a rich garlic-tasty tomato sauce.  The sauce was rich with the flavors of the sea. The mussels, shrimps and octopus were succulent.  I love that this is another simple dish with complex flavors. One of my favorites! 5/5

Crisp French Duck Leg Confit (P985) - with roasted Boulangerie potatoes, and orange chutney. I loved that the duck is not dry. Ive tried  Duck Confit in other restaurants before and always get disappointed at how dry the duck leg is. L'entrecote's was moist and flavorful perhaps because of the potato boulangerie with sauce underneath?. I loved the citrusy sweetness of the orange chutney. 4/5

L'entrecote  steak   (P1390)  for a 7 oz CAB  Choice Sirloin Steak topped with a secret herbed butter sauce with their famous unlimited fries and salad..  Or you can order their 12 oz steak L'entrecote double with  12 oz  US CAB Prime sirloin steak(P2580).

This here is the star of the show together with the next one "La Brochette Flambee" .

L'entrecote steak is to die for.  The meat is tender and melts  in your mouth. The flavor and the juices helped by the herbed butter lovingly coats your palate so you can luxuriate in the experience.  I loved the  Argentinian Cabernet Sauvignon that accompanied it. It complemented the dish beautifully.  Our piggery will love this ! 5/5

La Brochette Flambee - 340 g (12 oz)  of  US Certified Black Angus Sirloin marinated and flambeed with smoked  Scottish whisky. Served  with provencale tomatoes, spinach,  Mediterranean spaghetti, mushroom cheese risotto, truffle french fries, house salad with walnuts and your choice of sauce. P3330 good for 2-3 persons.

The flambee  wows  with its dramatic flare. More than the "show" though , it delivers what it promises . The cubed angus sirloin beef was cooked medium rare , was succulent , juicy and delicious!  I loved the cheese mushroom risotto  , the mediterrranean pasta and the truffle fries too. Yes, one order of this will make my piggery happy and full  hahaha.  5/5


The Paris Eifel Tower (P395) - Haay missing Paris (naks!) hahaha.  Meringue with vanilla and strawberry ice cream,  fresh strawberry, chocolate sauce, whipped cream dashed with roasted almonds. Can be shared by 2 or more people.

This looked so festive and divine , I just wanted to eat it pronto. I can imagine our piggery attacking the dish and demolishing it in 5 seconds or less lol.  I loved  how the texture of the meringue, the almonds and strawberry provided the texture to contrast the creaminess of the ice cream and whip cream. 5/5

Apple Tarte Tartin 1880 with chantilly P250 - Im so sorry, just one bite had me hooked, I forgot to ask what the 1880 means huhuhu.  The poached apples had just the right balance of acidity and sweetness. After that Paris Eiffel Tower dessert, it was a relief to have something fruity for dessert. I loved this 5/5

Moelleux au Chocolat (P280) - Chocolate Molten volcano with vanilla ice cream. After the Paris Eiffel Tower and the apple Tarte Tartin, the choco lave was a bit of a letdown. It looks quite pretty though. 3/5

L'entrecote Iced vacherin P190 . Its another ice cream dessert. Its an ice cream cake.

Ambiance :  Léntrecote had a cozy vibe that invites one to just chill and relax. The red walls with its colorful paintings lent a vibrant  and posh tenor to the whole feel of the restaurant. It  is not a fine dining restaurant.   In fact the white paper covering the table is  your cue that you can get messy and let your hair down . You do not need to be stiff and formal or wear a coat and tie  to dine here  but you can intuit that  although you can be casual ,the food will be anything but.


That was one spectacular foodie meet up ! The food, the company, the wine, Chef Martin's stories all made this  an  unforgettable  3 hour luncheon .

Still this is just the equivalent of Chapter 1 in my book. I feel I only hit the tip of the iceberg with Léntrecote.   I sneaked a peek at their breakfast menu and cant wait to try each of the dishes there with the family.  That will be Chapter 2.

This is probably one "book"  though that I would not  mind not  finishing  at all as I linger and savor each chapter. Cant wait to bring the whole fambam here.

It was indeed one hell of a read .... :)

with Zomato Foodies

"fan-girling" with Chef Martin :)

Bellagio 2 Forbes Town Center
Burgos Circle Bonifacio Global City
Taguig Metro Manila

Open from 7am to 2am
Casual Dining
02 2469072,73

L'Entrecote Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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