Saturday, July 29, 2017

La Carnita ..... 3rd Stop in our North Food Crawl

It was our 3rd stop....and our third  rib place ? You could almost hear the collective groan hahaha

But then again this is La Carnita. See that  sign up there? It says 'slow smoked meats'.

La Carnita is actually all over social media  for its "Nachos ala Bomba".  It is such a hit, clones are coming out of the woodwork. Shame on you copycats. Get your own original idea.

Oh my, you cheese fiends out there must try this. To die for ! P195 per order, seriously. 

I tasted the grilled nacho chips topped with Mexican Beef, La Carnita Cheese Sauce, Mozzarella Strips, Refried Beans, grilled cheddar shavings. I was immediately transported to cheese heaven. Wow! 

Moreover their  cilantro sauce , cucumber salsa, chili dip (?) were all made from scratch. No shortcuts for the young husband and wife team owner of  La Carnita.

Next we were served the following :

La Comida C  Choice of smoked meat and two side dish

Smoked Chicken P215

Smoked Belly P305

Smoked  Ribs P305

Haay, and there I was thinking that surely I can not eat another bite of ribs after enjoying the same from Rub and Barkada.

The wonderful smell of grilling meat was so inviting that before I knew it I found myself chomping on La Carnita's ribs, belly and chicken. So good.

My favorite will have to be both the belly and the ribs. They were  so tender , sweet and had an  almost melt in your mouth   texture.

Did you notice the price per order? So affordable! Considering the portions, quality of the meat, the overall taste, the home-made dips, this is so sulit. 

By the way there is also :

La Comida A for those people who do not want any sides. Chicken P155, Ribs P245, Belly P245

La Comida B  Smoked meats , rice and 1 side 
Chicken 185, Ribs P275 Belly P275

Love and care went into every meal served . Oh do try their chimichanga ...sarap! 

Notice their service water?  It is infused with slices of lemon. For me it shows La Cartina's commitment to serve quality food down to the last detail ie home made dips from scratch and drinking water.

Summary : 

Impressive. Definitely coming back with the piggery.

La Carnita Modern Mexican Cantina Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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