Monday, July 31, 2017

Early Bird Breakfast Club Foodie Meet Up

It was a gloomy afternoon when I visited this branch for the first time in Century Mall Poblacion Makati.  It was so humid,  you knew the rains will  fall  from above anytime.

My somber mood brought about by the overcast skies  immediately lifted upon seeing  this sunshine of a place called Early Bird. I loved their peach interiors and their chevron floor tiles in light gray. The inclusion of pastel accents on their accessories and the high ceiling heightened the feeling of  space and light. 

Per Mr. Kendrick Co (owner and restaurateur), the first branch they opened in 2013  was the one in BGC followed in 2014 by this branch  and Eastwood.

Asked why they named their restaurant so, Mr. Kendrick Co shared that  it was born out of  he and his wife Ellen's  love for breakfast and their wish  to have a restaurant that can serve the same the whole day.    This  germ of an idea became a reality 4 years ago when they opened their first branch in the  the Fort Strip.

Let me share with you  the food they served us earlier :


This is   bacon dipped in light batter then fried until crunchy. This is so good its bad. Bacon was crispy. Batter did not over power the bacon. Be careful taking a bite. You will get hooked. 5/5


French Toast with bacon and eggs P345 

4 slices of ciabatta french toast with two slices of bacon and  scrambled eggs.  The ciabatta french toast is chewy  and sweet.  I thought they were baguette! The bacon is salty and crispy. The scrambled eggs were creamy. Sweet and salty ,  coarse and silky ... my kind of combination . The price looks a bit  on the high side considering the portions but the flavors are there 4/5

Smoked Bacon Slab P345. 

Thick slab of smoked bacon with garlic rice and poached egg. The  smoked bacon looked like liempo and was tender and delicious. It was perfectly paired with garlic rice. The poached egg is there to appease your inner health guru. The whole ensemble was tasty and flavorful.  The portion was just right. Our piggery will love this. 4.5/5

Three cheese Baked Prawns Thermidore P395 

3 pieces of tiger prawns stuffed with 3 cheese thermidore served with garlic rice and dressed with garlic butter. This was sinful and decadent.  The portion was just right for one person . The price is reasonable. 4/5

Adobo Sunrise P295

A different take from the usual adobo familiar to me. Early bird's version is sweet like tapa and I like it. I can not finish an order of this though and would have to share with the unica. Our boys are another matter. They will wipe their plate clean with an order each. So good. 5/5

Bacon Carbonara P275

Chunks of bacon in garlic cream sauce with freshly grated parmesan cheese tossed with the fettuccine. Pasta was al dente which I liked. Sauce was delicious. I wish the bacon were crispy though for color and texture. The price is very affordable which  I like. 4/5

Sweet and Spicy Tuyo P260

The pasta was al dente. The sauce was a combination of sweet, sour and salty. I loved the inclusion of a local favorite - tuyo (dried fish), Kudos to Early Bird for creating something different. 4/5

Ultimate Grilled Cheese with Roasted Tomato Soup P325

This is one of my favorites. You have fat in the cheese, tomatoes in the soup, carbs in the  bread. The presentation was great. The soup tasted wonderful. I wish for more cheese on the bread though. One can never have enough of cheese 4.5/5


Smores Shaved Chocolate Cold drink P145  a new drink that is not in the menu yet. So good.

Butter beer P155.  This reminded me of the butter beer we enjoyed in Universal Studios Japan . 4.5/5

 Oreo Snow Flakes P175
Oreos + milk shake? Our piggery will love this. It was rich and delicious. Oreos provided the crunch and the contrast in color 5/5

Latte P110  was good.

Early Bird Halo Halo  195

A unique and elegant take on our local halo halo (literally mix-mix) which has normally loads of ingredients.

Early bird's version had only 4 ingredients. I will enumerate from top to bottom - crispy banana chips, leche flan with caramelized sugar on top , vanilla ice cream and sweetened dark brown strips of coconut meat.

It was a little bit difficult to mix everything because of the design of the glass. I would have liked to taste the 4 ingredients in one mouthful to experience the different textures and flavors. 3.5/5

Summary :

Service : good 5/5
Ambiance : Except for the aircon which was dripping a bit where a friend was seated, the ambiance is very cozy , airy, bright. 4/5
Food :  Quite enjoyed all their meals especially the adobo.

Overall ,  food was scrumptious. Drinks were delicious.

Definitely a restaurant  I would highly recommend to friends and family

Early Bird Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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