Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cafe Barbera ....147 years of Coffee History

A coffee recipe that was crafted in Italy in  1870 .
 A secret coffee concoction that had been handed down from one generation to the next 
until finally  ensconced  in the hands of 6th gen Mr. Enrico Barbera, 

More than  a century and a half's  history and Italian culture in a cup of coffee

Cafe Barbera just opened its doors  last June 16   and the coffee connoisseurs in Manila are abuzz with excitement  at   having this  prestigious brand in their midst.  Imagine the savings in plane fare!

With its history alone ,  Cafe Barbera had set the bar high for quality coffee. The best part is the price. It is very affordable. Moccachino for example is  P145. Americano is P120. Cold coffee drinks on the other hand  are upwards of P175

If you are not a coffee person though do not fret. Cafe Barbera also serves tea . Try theirTomatino (cold ice tea P125) or Macha drinks. 


They also serve delicious  drinks with chocolate, whip cream  or ice cream ie   Nutelotto (P195- P215) ,  Milky Frozen (P185-P205),  etc.

Along with the drinks are their authentic Italian Pizza and Pasta. Note that your order will be prepared fresh from the restaurant by Cafe Barbera's in-house chef. The hot dishes are not pre-packed, unlike some other coffee houses. My favorites were the Penne Arrabiata  and Fettuccine Funghi,

Penne Arrabiata

Cafe Barbera Club


Sandwiches need a little tweaking though. Perhaps a change in the type of bread used ie baguette  or a freshly baked  ciabatta?

Ambiance :   The restaurant looks high end but  cozy. I love that there are a lot of outlets on the floor beside the tables for charging all your gadgets. There is also free wifi.

with Zomato Foodies

Service : Top notch.  Barrista Jem obviously knows her stuff having been trained by Cafe Barbera's own barista who they flew in from Italy, per Maricel (owner)

Price :   Excellent cofffee drinks both hot and cold, freshly made pasta and pizza, beautiful restaurant to chill in, knowledgeable barristas, in -house chef  , etc. Given all of the above  ,  I'd say  their price is very reasonable.

Verdict : Definitely combing back with the piggery in tow.

Cafe Barbera
9th and 38th Street
Uptown Parade
BGC Taguig

Opens at 10AM

NOTE :  Still in Soft Opening

Cafe Barbera Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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