Monday, May 1, 2017

Australia Dairy Company HK: Haba ng Pila !!! ?

The family was in Hongkong on vacation from early Friday morning April 28 -May1. On our first few hours in HK,  we noticed this super long queue! Curious, we followed the line back to its origin and discovered Australia Dairy Company.

Apparently, ADC is an iconic part of  HK's culinary landscape. Google it and you'll discover that it was established in 1970 or 47 years ago! Unbelievable!

Anyway, it is sort of notorious for having rude waiters and bland food. Its claim to fame are its scrambled eggs, toasted bread and steamed egg pudding.

It opens as early as 730 am. We were there at the queue just before its opening hours and yes there is already a line. Some just 5  minutes later and the queue is snaking along the corner of the next street. We were about the 10th from the front.

A no-nonsense waiter who does not speak nor understand English motioned how many we are. I raised  6 fingers and I said 6 and he barked the same in its equivalent in Chinese or so I assumed.
I was proven correct a few minutes later when he hollered to demand my attention at the same time signaled us to follow him inside. Yay, that was fast. We had a table for the 6 of us in less than 30 minutes.!

Our waiter unceremoniously gave us the hardbound English menu upon request while all around us waiters continue to bark orders left and right. We looked at the other tables 'orders and what we saw were bowls of macaroni soup with ham and plates of toast bread with scrambled eggs. Do not expect any modicum of presentation. Think Chinese-style American diner but instead of sassy voluptuous waitresses, you have thin and belligerent male Chinese servers.  The bread was what we know as " tasty" in the Philippines.

Joey and the boys ordered the set breakfast which included a macaroni soup with ham, scrambled eggs and two pieces of toast triangles. Two old local ladies who just finished their breakfast gave us a once over and smiled at us encouragingly then said something in the vernacular seemingly assuring us in their sweet tone that we will enjoy our food. Our expression of puzzlement must have given us away lol

It was quite easy to order despite the language barrier. We used the turo turo system. We point at the menu and the waiter point at the same to confirm. I ordered the steamed egg pudding by pointing at the words on the menu. You get to choose between hot and cold. I chose cold.

Then Julia and I ordered french toast,  ham omelet and  coffee. Service was fast and our orders looked the same lol except for the macaroni soup.

Steamed egg pudding  -- looked plain and unappetizing. Think matabang na leche flan without the caramelized sugar.

Scrambled egg with toast - nothing spectacular really.

French toast -- enjoyed my order. Loved the bread with the melting salted butter on top. The honey-like syrup was the perfect foil for it.

Ham omelette - it was so ordinary presentation wise and taste-wise, it was so frustrating!

Service :

When we were ready to pay, the waiter came over to write us our check. Handsome hubby was trying to help by enumerating what we ordered and he was  told to hush in no uncertain terms.  I was shocked! Good thing husband was in a good mood and chose to ignore the waiter's bad manners.
So why do locals young and old queue patiently for this unremarkable breakfast fare served by abrasive waiters? Maybe its a cultural thing? Your guess is as good as mine.
I am certainly not coming back

The waiters certainly lived up to the hype. They were really rude. You are expected to eat and go preferably in less than 10 minutes from the time your order lands on your table. In the meantime they hover around your table, restless and impatient for you to finish your food. 

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