Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hong Kong in April 2017

Day 1 - Started early. Arrived in HK at 730

Took the A22 bus from airport to our airbnb 2 br unit at Jordan street near temple street market.

Brunch at Ming's kitchen. Roast goose ✅ Iced coffee was surprisingly yummy, we ordered 4 glasses at hk$3.00 only or P21.00. Cheap and addicting !

Targeting the michelin starred hole in the wall restaurant. Started with Cheung Hing Kee Shanghai's pan-fried xiao long bao

Tracked down Tai Cheong Bakery which is rated top 13 in the top 25 bakeries in the world because of its delicious egg tarts. It was non-descript , we almost missed it.

Bubble tea in mongkok ✅ Serenitea taste better though.  Street food ie squid and siu mai

Jeffrey Pattisserie Koo - I must say our pastries in Manila are way better and cheaper than that of HK

Dinner at Mak's noodles. One of the top 10 must eat places famous for its noodles. I must say after more than 24,000 steps logged in my iphone, the simple noodle soup at half past 8 pm is the perfect panacea to 6 tired and hungry piggery.

At the end of day 1,

HK by bus ✅
HK by train ✅
HK on foot ✅ 24,000 steps on my iphone

Food :
Roast goose✅
Siu mai ✅
Iced coffe ✅
Bubble tea ✅
Street food ie squid and siu mai ✅
Michelin starred Cheung Hing Kee ShangHai✅
Mak's noodles ✅

Tsim shat tsui
Temple street
Ocean Terminal

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